REVIEW: 20 season endings in 1000 words

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As the month of May comes to an end, so do the seasons for a slew of shows that Angie and I spend our time watching. I thought this would be a quick wrap up, but clearly, we watch too much TV. The chart at the right is included for simple reference. It’s good that the season is ending, we need a break…


The series finale of 24 after brought huge action and political intrigue that went back years to a head as Jack Bauer was pushed to the breaking point. Everything was over the top and required the usual 24-sized dose of disbelief suspension, but I wouldn’t expect anything less. An incredible finale to perhaps their strongest season.

30 Rock

The season long dilemmas of Jack Donaghy‘s and Liz Lemon’s search for love paid off over the course of a day with three weddings. Matt Damon was a fun guest star and it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Elizabeth Banks next season. It wasn’t the funniest episode of the season, but it was a decent note to end on.

The Big Bang Theory

Why isn’t this show available to watch online?  It’s on at the same time as too many other shows, and we can only record two things at a time! Funny episode, but the flashback one from the week before was better.


This may have had the best payoff for casual fans of the show. The case was secondary to the character and long term plot development. After a season full of fairly dreadful episodes, I thought this one brought back some of the elements I like best about the show.


It’s no secret, I love this show. In a lot of ways the season finale was as emotional as Lost’s, and as far as introducing new mysteries for next season this one was tops. I like to think this is one of those episodes that anyone could get on board and enjoy, but I’m pretty invested so I may be biased.


This show became a surprise favorite this year and the finale did not disappoint. A love story evolved in the background of the first season and it was great to see who ended up together in the end. Hopefully, the show can keep up the high level it set for itself next year.

Desperate Housewives

This was a pretty standard season ender for Wisteria Lane. The newly introduced characters wrapped up their story arc, and a new mystery was introduced for next season. Decent, but pretty standard stuff.


I haven’t watched this show since midway through the first season, so I watched the finale solely for the purpose of including it here. I should have watched all the episodes in between.

Gossip Girl

Once again, Gossip Girl shuffled the deck chairs to end the season. And by “deck chairs”, I mean ridiculously rich free living teenagers. And by “shuffled”, I mean paired off to sleep with one another. Blame Angie for this stuff being in my post and brain.

How I Met Your Mother

There were a few low points for the show this season, but the finale really got back to basics with the characters and that’s what makes the show fun. This episode did create a slight problem for me, it put the spotlight squarely on Angie’s baby-craziness with all of its baby talk.

Law and Order

This one was a little weird because there was no indication that it was the series finale after 20 years. The case was intense and I had a real sense that someone might not make it out alive. There was not enough Jack McCoy, but the resolution to Lt. Van Buren’s battle with her illness was well done. I’ll miss this show, but there are hundreds of episodes I’ve never seen.

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

I don’t know that I can say anything good about this: a needlessly complicated murder/kidnap story, completely absurd melodrama, and way too much Sharon Stone. I like the show, hated the episode.


We’ve already spent some time discussing this one on the site. The series finale was not something any causal fan of the show (is there such a thing?) could walk into and immediately understand. In many ways, the whole season was a finale for the show and you needed to put some work in for any payoff. I loved it, but can’t really recommend this unless you’re in for the whole thing.

Modern Family

This was a great addition to the Fall line up and is the closest any show has come to filling the gap in my entertainment world left by Arrested Development. It’s silly and subtle at the same time and I’m really glad we added it to our recording schedule. You can walk into just about any episode and get a laugh.

The Office

I don’t really even remember what happened on The Office finale this year. I know the Sabre acquisition was the focus, but nothing stands out. I like this show, but this episode didn’t really grab me.


Angie and I picked up this late entry in the TV season from the beginning based on Ron Howard’s involvement. It’s a much more appealing family drama than something like Brothers and Sisters for my tastes. Everyone’s upset, it’s all falling apart, and they all come together in the end, but the characters and situations are interesting even if there are no terrorists, smoke monsters or super powers.

Parks and Recreation

I get laughs out of this show week to week and the finale was no different. I have to say though, it’s not one of my favorites. The end of the season was fun but nothing special.

The Simpsons

This was basically an ad for American Idol. I know they were taking shots at Fox like they always do, but it was more American Idol stuff than I need to see. The chalkboard reference to the Lost finale and the fan being tasered on the sports bar marquee were pretty much the highlights.

WWE Monday Night RAW

Technically this show doesn’t have a season, so there’s no finale to speak of. I did watch the episode filmed in Toronto this week and it was awesome! Bret Hart and Chris Jericho opening the show in front of a Canadian crowd? Come on, I have no choice but to love this!

Philadelphia Flyers Hockey

Some would tell you that this season hasn’t ended yet, but I watched a pretty great finish to the Eastern Conference Finals this week. I’ve been to plenty of places that have paradoxically featured this phrase so why not end with “Let’s go Flyers!”

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