I’m not sure that I’m thankful for Gossip Girl

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You probably think there’s some mistake and this is Angie’s post. It’s not. I’ll admit I saw some of the Gossip Girl Thanksgiving show. In my defense, I was reading a comic book while it was on (it was an issue of Ms. Marvel so maybe that doesn’t help my case too much). This episode had more drama than usual if you can believe it, culminating in not one, but a groundbreaking FOUR characters storming away from the dinner table. All of this happened while some ridiculous song that I believe was used in the finale of the O.C. (I’ve only seen the SNL parody so I can’t be sure) was playing in the background.

Gossip Girl airs Mondays on the CW. Angie would watch it every day if she could, and I have plenty of comic books to read.

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  • kamila harris said,

    hahaha i admit i watched the Lady Gaga episode… but i didn’t like Lady Gaga on that episode, she was weird and lypsynchy

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