Fall 2011 Network TV Preview

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Summer is over and the kiddies are back in school, which means the Fall television season is finally upon us. This year there are over 20 new shows debuting. That’s a lot to wade through, but don’t worry I have watched the previews for all of these new shows and can offer my expert couch potato opinion. Additionally, I have created charts to go along with my thoughts on this season’s new offerings so you’ll know exactly when and where your show airs!

The 2011 Fall TV preview continues below.

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Fall 2010 Network TV Preview

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I’m a 34 year old pop culture fanatic. I take my TV very seriously and am a proud couch potato. Don’t get me wrong, I like to get out and explore, but the best part of my day can be watching a quality TV show that rips your heart out (a la Joss Whedon). The biggest fight my husband and I have ever had is over the fact that Direct TV doesn’t have a Tivo (stinkin sub-par DVR). A couple of years ago I started doing an entertainment news-type update for my friends. Basically I just rant and rave about TV (and sometimes movies), but I take pride in the fact that I’ve turned some of my friends on to shows they probably never would have watched before.

You can see teasers for all of the new Fall shows on the corresponding network website. So of course, I watched all of them. Without further ado, we have attached the Fall 2010 schedules for each network color coded as new shows in green, new time slots in red and any titles in bold are shows I’ll be watching.

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I’m not sure that I’m thankful for Gossip Girl

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You probably think there’s some mistake and this is Angie’s post. It’s not. I’ll admit I saw some of the Gossip Girl Thanksgiving show. In my defense, I was reading a comic book while it was on (it was an issue of Ms. Marvel so maybe that doesn’t help my case too much). This episode had more drama than usual if you can believe it, culminating in not one, but a groundbreaking FOUR characters storming away from the dinner table. All of this happened while some ridiculous song that I believe was used in the finale of the O.C. (I’ve only seen the SNL parody so I can’t be sure) was playing in the background.

Gossip Girl airs Mondays on the CW. Angie would watch it every day if she could, and I have plenty of comic books to read.