The Baldwins

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Seriously.  They are freaks.  They all look alike.  Sound exactly alike.  And grow old IDENTICALLY.  It is freakish.  And now that Billy Baldwin is featured on Gossip Girl as Serena’s father…. Will we get a few weeks of him and Chuck Bass having “talking like this” contests?

Only watch the first 1:10. It isn’t that great after that.


The TV controls the music

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A music post by me?!  Shocking, I know.  This may seemed delayed, but our DVR has us well trained to never watch live television.  We just finished watching our Monday shows – which this post is about.

Wednesday night Pete and I sat down to watch the latest episode of Gossip Girl.  It was an episode where not much happens, but you are reminded that these “kids” are only 18 and you question why they are at university sponsored parties drinking mojitos.  Towards the end there is a song that we both clearly enjoy.  It sounds so familiar!  Maybe we already own it?  We just had to know what song it was….Out comes the trusty iPhone to let Shazam identify it for us.  It was familiar!  I had THE SAME song tagged on my phone from Tuesday.  Then we had to figure out what show we had tagged it in.  Turns out we tagged it during the season finale of Secret Diary of a Call Girl.  Which also airs on Monday nights.

Since these are both shows you don’t watch….I feel like I need to share the song with you.  Two shows using it on the same night seemed odd to me.  How often does that really happen?  Check it out on iTunes now.  It is Florence + The Machine’s Dog Days Are Over.


I’m not sure that I’m thankful for Gossip Girl

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You probably think there’s some mistake and this is Angie’s post. It’s not. I’ll admit I saw some of the Gossip Girl Thanksgiving show. In my defense, I was reading a comic book while it was on (it was an issue of Ms. Marvel so maybe that doesn’t help my case too much). This episode had more drama than usual if you can believe it, culminating in not one, but a groundbreaking FOUR characters storming away from the dinner table. All of this happened while some ridiculous song that I believe was used in the finale of the O.C. (I’ve only seen the SNL parody so I can’t be sure) was playing in the background.

Gossip Girl airs Mondays on the CW. Angie would watch it every day if she could, and I have plenty of comic books to read.