Fall 2011 Network TV – Friday’s New Hits and Misses

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Each day this week we’ve been looking at the new shows that joined the network TV lineup this Fall. In our final installment, we’ll be focusing on both Friday, notorious as the night genre shows go to die, and Sunday, which in recent years has been claimed by cable networks as their spotlight night. Today we’ll spend some time talking about Showtime’s Homeland, ABC’s Pan Am and Once Upon a Time, as well as NBC’s Grimm.

Read on to see what’s getting screen time here at MLD.

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Fall 2011 Network TV Preview

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Summer is over and the kiddies are back in school, which means the Fall television season is finally upon us. This year there are over 20 new shows debuting. That’s a lot to wade through, but don’t worry I have watched the previews for all of these new shows and can offer my expert couch potato opinion. Additionally, I have created charts to go along with my thoughts on this season’s new offerings so you’ll know exactly when and where your show airs!

The 2011 Fall TV preview continues below.

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Fall 2010 Network TV Preview

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I’m a 34 year old pop culture fanatic. I take my TV very seriously and am a proud couch potato. Don’t get me wrong, I like to get out and explore, but the best part of my day can be watching a quality TV show that rips your heart out (a la Joss Whedon). The biggest fight my husband and I have ever had is over the fact that Direct TV doesn’t have a Tivo (stinkin sub-par DVR). A couple of years ago I started doing an entertainment news-type update for my friends. Basically I just rant and rave about TV (and sometimes movies), but I take pride in the fact that I’ve turned some of my friends on to shows they probably never would have watched before.

You can see teasers for all of the new Fall shows on the corresponding network website. So of course, I watched all of them. Without further ado, we have attached the Fall 2010 schedules for each network color coded as new shows in green, new time slots in red and any titles in bold are shows I’ll be watching.

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Wave of cancellation

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Well, maybe cancellation isn’t the right word. Marvel’s Siege miniseries ended this month and has ushered in the new Heroic Age for the company. As a result, the current line of Avengers books: New AvengersMighty AvengersDark AvengersAvengers Initiative, are all ending. All four are being replaced with: AvengersSecret Avengers, a relaunched New Avengers, and Avengers Academy. While the sum total of Avengers books is remaining the same, it’s strange to see all of these high selling books stop publication. I suppose after all the events they’ve spawned or been spawned by, they’ve run their course.

In the cosmic corner of the Marvel Universe, the ends of Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy weren’t even announced.  These books lead directly into the upcoming Thanos Imperative mini-series and there’s no word on whether they’ll return in some form or another once that series wraps up. In a way, I’m kind of glad they ended, as I was thinking of not continuing with each of them anyway.

It’s odd for so many books to end in the same month, but the endings are not limited to comics. The last few weeks saw the cancellation of a number of television shows including Scrubs, Better Off Ted, Flash Forward, Law and Order, and Heroes. Combined with the ends of 24 and Lost, the line ups this Fall look to be changing quite a bit. While I understand that they couldn’t last forever, it is both disappointing and somehow comforting that 24 and Law and Order were having their strongest seasons yet. It’s not all cancellations though as Chuck, Human Target, and Lie to Me (all shows I enjoy) have all been picked up for another season.

The last few years have produced a lot of TV and comics that I’ve really enjoyed. I can’t help but think that what takes its place just won’t hold my attention at all. It was kind of an aberration that there was so much going on that I followed to begin with.


Lost: Getting in some last words

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With the Lost finale beginning in a few short hours, this is the last chance for any of this speculation to mean anything. Like most fans, I’m wondering about a lot of things, but here are 5 big points of interest for me. Please feel free to share your thoughts here as well.

“Desmond is the failsafe”

All along it’s been clear that Desmond is the key to everything. When I originally sat down to write this, he had just run over Locke in the parallel universe and it became very clear that he was trying to push everyone together. Locke encountered Jack again in the following episode, and now we see a similar dynamic to the one they had on the island. Desmond’s jail break is clearly another step to getting everyone together. This could be that if the people on the island are with him, he could maybe bounce their consciousnesses to the parallel universe and “save” them, or it could have something to do with….

Parallel universe smoke monster

If the island is at the bottom of the ocean, where does this leave the monster? It makes sense that maybe he escaped and is out there in that world and this is what Desmond is trying to get everyone together for.

The smoke monster is not Jacob’s brother

The fact that Jacob finds his brother’s body has me thinking there’s a chance the smoke monster may not actually be the brother. The monster was released when the brother entered the well and took his form.

“Don’t tell me what I can’t do”

It’s also be indicated the the smoke monster taking someone’s form may not be simply cosmetic. The monster takes on some aspects of the “form’s” personality as seen in the last episode about Locke. The monster was reacting and saying things Locke would say, but he has no connection to Locke other than it being a dead guy he could imitate.

Those damned kids

Everyone seems to have one and early on children seemed really important to the story. It’s also interesting that a lot of the candidates even have a child out there that bears their name (David Shepherd, Aaron Austen, Clementine Ford, Ji Yeon Kwan). I can’t help but think we may be seeing them in the finale, and with the way time works on the show they may even be shown as adults returning to the island.

It’s over tonight, so we’ll see what’s important and what isn’t soon enough. Enjoy all six hours that ABC is bringing your way starting at 7PM.