No need to check the Phillies’ schedule, the game is at 1:07PM

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Photo courtesy of Phillies.com

The 2011 Phillies season has been noteworthy for many reasons. June alone saw pitcher Cliff Lee put up historic numbers in his five starts, but a make-up game leading to four Phillies wins in under 48 hours during that stretch really caught my attention. The team is in the midst of another scheduling oddity as they make their third of four straight one o’clock starts today at 1:07PM.

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Gotta admit, I love the balk

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AP Photo/Gregory Bull

How could anyone not love baseball’s balk? It’s fun to say, I don’t fully understand it (I’ve never seen one and said “that’s clearly a balk”), and there have been three in the past two weeks of Phillies games. Sure, Phillies pitchers have committed all of them, but the balk is still my favorite crazy baseball rule.

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Philadelphia weekend roundup

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Flyers down 0-2 in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals

Last night, I had to switch to the Flyers radio feed for the third period of Game 2 (the DVR had a conflict, which was odd since I thought everything was done for the season). I remembered hating these broadcasts in the past, and I can hear that nothing has changed. Two quotes fully characterize everything that’s wrong: Read more of this article »