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This Klondike "Moment of Glory" courtesy of Phillies.com

The Philadelphia Phillies had a fantastic game last night behind another complete game shut out from Cliff Lee. The win came against the Boston Red Sox, one of the teams the Phillies have recently been vying with for the best record in baseball. Some are touting the series as a preview of this year’s World Series, but at the midway point of the season it may be a little early to say those kinds of things. Regardless, it’s a great inter-league matchup and my excitement over it led me to sports radio and a truly awful example of its target marketing.

This was Cliff Lee’s third consecutive shut out rounding out his five wins in June. He’s allowed only one run over forty-two innings in those starts. He’s now gone 32 innings since allowing that run, and is currently fifth all-time in scoreless inning streaks among Phillies pitchers just behind Ken Heintzelman and Robin Roberts each with streaks of 32.2. One more scoreless inning will tie him for second all-time with reliever Larry Andersen behind only Grover Cleveland Alexander’s 1911 streak of 41.2 innings.

With Lee’s fantastic performance and my anticipation of tonight’s game, I turned to Philadelphia’s Sports Radio WIP 610AM this morning. The chatter about baseball paled to what is the most absurd advertisement I’ve ever heard on the radio. Around 10:45AM, the hosts cut to a commercial that began with “Guys, for all your needs go to mancavedaily.philadelphia.cbsonline.com.” At least that’s as much as I could remember. Ridiculous! That is not a website address. That is an impossibly long string of nonsense. I can’t get over it. That might as well be clownpenis.fart. Honestly, at this point if you can’t get “whateveryouwanttocallyourwebsite.com,” call your website something else. I can’t even link to the site since I’m not sure I remember it all, and I’m certainly not going to look it up.

The Phillies have seen last night’s starter Josh Beckett before as part of the Red Sox, but more often as a member of their division rivals, the Florida Marlins. It’ll be interesting to see what happens tonight as Philadelphia’s young Vance Worley faces a less familiar John Lackey. The game is scheduled for 7:05PM at Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park. Tickets for the series have been difficult to come by, but you can catch the game on Comcast Sports Net as well as ESPN2. If you want a chance to find out more about that “man cave” business, you might also hear by tuning your radio to another Philadelphia station, WPHT 1210AM, for tonight’s game and listen locally.

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