Why can’t punks and ballerinas just get along?

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It must be something about the Lehigh Valley. I ended up in the same shopping center where I first heard this story over a month ago and finally got to find out how it ends as soon as I walked into a store. It turns out she’s with the skater boy and she’ll be backstage after the show. She’ll also be in the studio singing the song he wrote about the girl he used to know. Which is strange because she’s actually singing a song she wrote about the boy she used to know. Sometimes she sends me spam comments.

Also, I’ll never understand the interpersonal dynamics of women like those I witnessed where I heard this song today. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed this, but women often don’t like each other for seemingly no reason.


It’s French for “boy”

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New Times Crossword, May 11, 2010

We stopped to fill our gas tank at Wawa on the way home last night and something happened that I am not proud of. Angie went inside to get us something sweet and as I was pumping gas a song came on the p.a. system that caught my attention. It took a moment to realize what it was but the attention I paid led to my demise. You see, he was a punk and she did ballet. He wasn’t good enough for her. Years later, he was on MTV and all her friends had tickets to the show. He wasn’t good enough for her. Then some voice interrupted things and tried to tell me all about an iced tea sale. When the song came back, I was told that’s how the story ends. I want to know what happened, but I will not let you get under my skin, Avril Lavigne.

Update: Was Will Shortz at Wawa last night too?


The nicest spam message ever?

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No links, a seemingly legitimate e-mail address, complimentary text, and a picture of that adorable Avril Lavigne.  I would almost want to keep this if Lacy/Maria/HowIMake$5000ADayOffTheInternet hadn’t commented so many times.