The Onion. Dot com?

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Pete and I are enjoying a day in New York City today. It has been the perfect day for it. Hot, but not too hot. Now comes the part that I dread though. Waiting in line for stuff. At least there are things in the immediate surroundings to keep me amused. For example, what’s up with the onion just hanging out behind the door in a clothing store? Weird, right?


You Can’t Cry Over Spilt Vodka

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Two years ago my friend Kim and I took our kids to Chapala, Mexico for a month long trip. She wanted a real Mexican experience and I wanted to do lots of shopping and sitting on the beach. We both got a little bit of what we wanted and had a mostly fabulous time. But, we also had our four kids: Tyler (4), DJ (3.5), Katelyn (1), and Leena (9 months), so there were inevitable moments of pain and suffering as well. Flash forward to the present day – we’re back for Mexico, Take Two and I’m writing this post from the second floor deck of a beachfront house in the Riviera Maya. Not too shabby. Read more of this article »


“Don’t let babies happen to you”

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It’s no secret that I like having Angie around all the time, but I really wish she could have been there this morning when I walked past a University of Pennsylvania campus rally against babies.

With placards reading “Don’t let BABIES happen to YOU”, and “STOP babies in our lifetime”, and a rainbow colored boa, they are sure to attract attention on this beautiful Spring day in Philadelphia. I have to admit, they had some fair points citing that babies contribute to unemployment and overpopulation. Their petition already had signatures from public figures like university president “Amy Gutman” and the President of the United States himself, “Barack Obama.” This could have some real momentum and I’m certain other luminaries such as “I.P. Freely” and “Amanda Hugginkiss” will be signing up soon.


This is why T-rex’s are AWESOME

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This image has apparently made its rounds on the internet recently.  But I just discovered it today.  And it is AWESOME.

vegan support group

From what I can find – original posting is thanks to passiveaggressivenotes.com