C is for Cookie, and so many other things

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Last week after the season premiere of Weeds, Showtime premiered its newest Series The Big C. Since I am a sucker for most premium channel series, I of course had to give it a chance.

Use your imagination. The Big C could have so many meanings. The main character Cathy, played by Laura Linney, has cancer. Two “C’s” right there! With this new experience in her life, she seems to have transformed from a once uptight wife and teacher, to a woman who just doesn’t care about anything anymore. You can come up with your own “C” for that one.

I like Laura Linney, and I like any show that talks about someone having to be fat and jolly, not fat and miserable. Justifying the term “skinny bitch” made me laugh. Showtime made the first episode available on their website, so you have a chance to watch it before the second episode airs tonight at 10:30pm ET/PT.

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