C is for Cookie, and so many other things

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Last week after the season premiere of Weeds, Showtime premiered its newest Series The Big C. Since I am a sucker for most premium channel series, I of course had to give it a chance.

Use your imagination. The Big C could have so many meanings. The main character Cathy, played by Laura Linney, has cancer. Two “C’s” right there! With this new experience in her life, she seems to have transformed from a once uptight wife and teacher, to a woman who just doesn’t care about anything anymore. You can come up with your own “C” for that one.

I like Laura Linney, and I like any show that talks about someone having to be fat and jolly, not fat and miserable. Justifying the term “skinny bitch” made me laugh. Showtime made the first episode available on their website, so you have a chance to watch it before the second episode airs tonight at 10:30pm ET/PT.


Weeds Season Premiere

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Recently I had a lot of free time on my hands. You would think unemployment would have meant a lot of posts from me, but you would have been very wrong. Instead of writing, I did a lot of watching. I found the full value in my Netflix account. I used much of my time to discover shows I hadn’t had a chance to watch yet.

In a matter of days, I watched the first five seasons of Showtime’s Weeds. I told Pete I would write up each season, but that didn’t happen. I’m not one to write about TV really. So I decided to put it together and based on the premiere of season six, let you know whether you should be watching Weeds or not. Read more of this article »


Blood, Fangs, and Food

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If you’ve been paying any attention, you know that we spent our weekend deep in geekiness.  The Philadelphia ComicCon, formerly known as Wizard World, took place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I tagged along because I wanted to be a good reporter and because the boys needed a cub photographer.  Luckily for me, comics seemed to be one of the last things on the agenda at the convention.  I felt a little silly passing out cards that clearly stated my dislikes included comics, but was redeemed by the many people enjoying my title of “token girl”.   There will be more to follow on everyone’s thoughts on ComicCon tomorrow, but I needed to sneak a post in tonight because I had an agenda. Read more of this article »


How I Watch TV

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The way we watch television has changed so much.  Technology is crazy.  Now we DVR it, watch it on Demand, download it through iTunes, or rent the DVDs.  There are so many ways to avoid watching tv in the traditional way.

There is something that makes me so happy about being able to watch an entire season of a television series from start to finish in one day.  Such a sense of completion.  Half season shows make this even better (easier). Since HBO and Showtime follow different season schedules than most network shows, these have been the easiest shows to do this with.  DVD releases have helped to build premium channels to a whole new level.  HBO released the first season of True Blood on DVD before the second season had started.  The people who had heard about the show from their friends were hooked in time to order HBO before the next season began.

My latest favorite way is Netflix Instant.  Better than DVD’s since usually I can’t get the entire season in one Netflix shipment.  Better than onDemand because I don’t have to listen to loud obnoxious stuff in between episodes as I re-navigate through all the ridiculous of the menus.  Netflix Instant lets me have multiple shows lined up and rate them, maybe to discover a new show that I would think is amazing.  So far, unfortunately, I haven’t thought any of their suggestions are awesome.  To be fair though, I watch A LOT of TV to begin with, so there isn’t much left to suggest.

So!  With my new found free time, I will be making my way through some television.  I am starting with Weeds.  A show I tried to watch once, but clearly couldn’t jump into the middle of.  Expect season by season reviews coming soon.  Also on the schedule is Mad Men.  Any other suggestions are more than welcome.  Especially if they are available through Netflix Instant.


I wouldn’t want them in my Entourage

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I think I like Entourage, but I’m having a lot of trouble getting invested this season.  Who cares about Vincent Chase?  So his friends are busy.  This is what his story amounts to.  Given the fact that I am completely unsympathetic to his situation, he doesn’t make for the best protagonist.

Angie thinks viewers could relate to Drama, since they’ve probably met people that repulsive.  I’d rather watch him save Kim Bauer from a mountain lion.  Pizza Boy and Joker Face are not interesting and difficult to watch.  They dangle the girl from the Zohan in front of the viewers and do nothing with her for weeks.  Turtle is really the only character semi-relatable of the core group, but he still has it pretty good.  Two new luxury cars for your birthday does not make you the everyman.

Ari Gold is still the best reason to watch.  His story is the only one that seems meaningful this season.  There’s been an interesting progression to his being a decent husband and father underneath his brash exterior.  I genuinely like Piven as an actor, but it seemed like the audience hated him by the end of his appearance on The Tonight Show Tuesday night.  I’ll keep watching for now, but I’m questioning how long I’ll be sticking with this show.