2010 Holiday Reading List Day One X-Men: Curse of the Mutants

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X-Men #6 (Volume 3) arrived in late December concluding the Curse of the Mutants (X-Men versus Vampires) storyline, and this is a good point to discuss the new series by Victor Gischler and Paco Medina. I fell far behind in reading this series as it published and I had to catch up on nearly every issue today. Apparently, I didn’t even make it all the way through issue #2 when it first shipped! I’ve been a huge X-Men fan most of my life and have been reading for decades. Falling behind like that says a lot about this book and my feelings regarding it.

Spoilers ahead.

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Let Me In is a remake of 2008’s Let The Right One In – a haunting, quiet film that instantly garnered international acclaim. Going in, I expected the Hollywood remake to be a completely butchered version of the Swedish original, but I was actually pleasantly surprised. There are a few small changes, some choppy CGI and slightly overdone special effects – but the overall mood, tone, and most of the pivotal scenes felt right. The film is grainy, dark, wet and cold, with lots of blue and white tones and blurry selective focus.

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X-Men Day Eve 2010

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No comics shipped this Wednesday due to the 4th of July holiday, so new books will be in stores tomorrow, July 8th. Tomorrow will be particularly special as Marvel has declared it “X-Men Day” since we’ll be seeing the launch of a new X-Men series with a number one issue. This is the first “X-Men #1” in 20 years, so it’s fairly momentous, but I find it more confusing than anything.

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Blood, Fangs, and Food

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If you’ve been paying any attention, you know that we spent our weekend deep in geekiness.  The Philadelphia ComicCon, formerly known as Wizard World, took place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I tagged along because I wanted to be a good reporter and because the boys needed a cub photographer.  Luckily for me, comics seemed to be one of the last things on the agenda at the convention.  I felt a little silly passing out cards that clearly stated my dislikes included comics, but was redeemed by the many people enjoying my title of “token girl”.   There will be more to follow on everyone’s thoughts on ComicCon tomorrow, but I needed to sneak a post in tonight because I had an agenda. Read more of this article »


REVIEW: Doctor Who – The Vampires of Venice

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I knew from the opening of the episode that I just wasn’t going to like this one. It’s a perfectly fine episode, but after the excitement of the last two weeks I couldn’t help but be disappointed. Spoilers ahead.

Crashing Rory’s bachelor party was intentionally awkward, but it really only led to a few sight gags like a custom made “Amy + Rory” t-shirt showing up in the 16th century Venice. The whole concept of the trip as a date for the young couple just didn’t really thrill me.

The Sisters of the Water from planet Saturnyne were not very compelling enemies. I know there’s a vampire craze going on, but I was a little disappointed to see it reach Doctor Who. At least the show had it’s own take on the creatures, so I suppose it’s better than introducing actual vampires. Either way, it still felt like there was a creepiness that was absent from the episode.

Some interesting parallels were drawn between The Doctor and the Sisters’ leader, Rosanna, as the last hope of their kind. The connection extends to her people and the Timelords, and it seems like lasting damage may have been done from The Doctor witnessing the extinction of another species.

The highlight of the episode comes when we hear the silence that’s threatening the universe for the first time. It’s interesting that it happened just after Amy stepped into the TARDIS away from her “boys.” The mystery surrounding her deepens here, but this episode sets the low point for the season this far.

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