REVIEW: HBO’s The Newsroom

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It starts with a forum in a college with a right winger, a left winger, and Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) who is dubbed the “Jay Leno of news anchors” because he’s friendly and doesn’t get on people’s nerves. College students are asking questions to both sides and Will spits out answers “I’ve voted for parties on both sides” and will only commit to being “a Jets fan.” Ha ha. But when a co-ed asks a simple question posed to most 5th graders, “what makes America the greatest country,” Will goes nuts. He totally loses it on the air. America isn’t great. America is screwed up. America is being beat by all these other countries in all these different areas.

And I was hooked.

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Blood, Fangs, and Food

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If you’ve been paying any attention, you know that we spent our weekend deep in geekiness.  The Philadelphia ComicCon, formerly known as Wizard World, took place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I tagged along because I wanted to be a good reporter and because the boys needed a cub photographer.  Luckily for me, comics seemed to be one of the last things on the agenda at the convention.  I felt a little silly passing out cards that clearly stated my dislikes included comics, but was redeemed by the many people enjoying my title of “token girl”.   There will be more to follow on everyone’s thoughts on ComicCon tomorrow, but I needed to sneak a post in tonight because I had an agenda. Read more of this article »


I wouldn’t want them in my Entourage

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I think I like Entourage, but I’m having a lot of trouble getting invested this season.  Who cares about Vincent Chase?  So his friends are busy.  This is what his story amounts to.  Given the fact that I am completely unsympathetic to his situation, he doesn’t make for the best protagonist.

Angie thinks viewers could relate to Drama, since they’ve probably met people that repulsive.  I’d rather watch him save Kim Bauer from a mountain lion.  Pizza Boy and Joker Face are not interesting and difficult to watch.  They dangle the girl from the Zohan in front of the viewers and do nothing with her for weeks.  Turtle is really the only character semi-relatable of the core group, but he still has it pretty good.  Two new luxury cars for your birthday does not make you the everyman.

Ari Gold is still the best reason to watch.  His story is the only one that seems meaningful this season.  There’s been an interesting progression to his being a decent husband and father underneath his brash exterior.  I genuinely like Piven as an actor, but it seemed like the audience hated him by the end of his appearance on The Tonight Show Tuesday night.  I’ll keep watching for now, but I’m questioning how long I’ll be sticking with this show.