Blood, Fangs, and Food

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If you’ve been paying any attention, you know that we spent our weekend deep in geekiness.  The Philadelphia ComicCon, formerly known as Wizard World, took place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I tagged along because I wanted to be a good reporter and because the boys needed a cub photographer.  Luckily for me, comics seemed to be one of the last things on the agenda at the convention.  I felt a little silly passing out cards that clearly stated my dislikes included comics, but was redeemed by the many people enjoying my title of “token girl”.   There will be more to follow on everyone’s thoughts on ComicCon tomorrow, but I needed to sneak a post in tonight because I had an agenda.

fangs made by trufangguy@yahoo.com

Tonight is the third season premiere of True Blood on HBO (9pm EST for locals).
PTB and I have been watching True Blood from the beginning, and I have high hopes for this season.  I have a theory about television series on premium channels.  I feel that the first season is the safe, low budget season, the second is the going all out and over the top a bit, and the third and going forward is really where the show seems to find its perfect middle ground.  The first season with True Blood was definitely strong on establishing characters, etc.  Last season, I feel like it definitely fell into the over-the-top trap.  Too much sex, too much blood, too much MaryAnne (she was so annoying).

I want to clarify something for readers before I proceed.  For me, I like the story.  I am not big on scary things.  Especially scary things that involve the supernatural or paranormal.  I am not a fan of all things vampire, but it was clear at ComicCon, that many are.  I understand there are comics about vampires.  None of these were really spotlighted this weekend.

THE trufangguy@yahoo.com

But, my oh my, vampires were surely a big part of the weekend.  Everywhere you turned someone was either having custom fangs made (by this guy), buying drinkable blood, dressed like Sookie Stackhouse, or selling something True Blood related.

One thing I did not understand though was the name tags.  There were tags for EVERYTHING.  Some made sense (be on the lookout for more ComicCon posts).  Some did not.  Name tags for the employees of Merlotte’s were the dumbest ones to me.  Do these people WATCH the show?  OH!  And seriously, can’t you at least find a picture of Carrie Preston with the red hair she had on the show?  Don’t use some old picture of her you pulled from the internet!  You wouldn’t use a shot of Anna Paquin from the Piano.

Like I said, we’ll be posting a ton more about ComicCon tomorrow and possibly throughout the week, but I needed to share all things True Blood to get everyone excited about the premiere.  Lastly, the Con meant a lot of trips to Reading Terminal Market.  I love that we find something new almost every time we go in there.  This weekend, I discovered a cajun place.  We sampled their etouffe and gumbo.  They were delicious.  It inspired me to make some gumbo (for the first time ever), to help us celebrate the new episode.  Oh – and if you want to see the images bigger – click on them!

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