Stay classy, Netflix. I’m… Qwikster?

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Spongebob's Quickster.

Wow. I am completely out of the loop. I blame the baby. I also blamed him for the fact that I have no time for movies anymore. But, I like him, so I guess I will keep him and give up movies. Today, someone on Facebook referenced Reed Hastings. Having no clue who that was, I Googled it and found this article.

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Let Me In is a remake of 2008’s Let The Right One In – a haunting, quiet film that instantly garnered international acclaim. Going in, I expected the Hollywood remake to be a completely butchered version of the Swedish original, but I was actually pleasantly surprised. There are a few small changes, some choppy CGI and slightly overdone special effects – but the overall mood, tone, and most of the pivotal scenes felt right. The film is grainy, dark, wet and cold, with lots of blue and white tones and blurry selective focus.

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Netflix versus Redbox…FIGHT!

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Courtesy of RentersInsurance.orgRecently going across digg.com, I saw an article featuring an infographic from RentersInsurance.org squaring off Netflix and Redbox.  Now I’m sure I don’t have to highlight who Netflix is, although some people may not know about Redbox.  This company provides Kiosks at many retail locations (grocery stores, convenience stores, etc) where you can rent DVDs for $1 per day.  Pretty cheap, but how does this stack up to the Netflix price of $8.99 per month for unlimited rentals?

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One Sentence Netflix Reviews

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Most of the movies that have come in the mail from Netflix recently don’t really merit a full post, so I’ll keep this brief to avoid spending any more time with these movies in my head.

Disaster Movie was just that.

Transporter 3 was no Crank 2.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button would have been better as The Tragedy of Mearth from Earth.

My Best Friend’s Girl was like the story of The Three Bears: too good for Jason Biggs, not good enough for Kate Hudson, and just right for Dane Cook.

Big Stan must have failed to hold my attention since I’m watching it as I write this.

Caprica was worth writing more than one sentence about.


I found nothing wrong with Indiana Jones 4

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I didn’t really think about it until this weekend, but on some level I actively avoided seeing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  After hearing so many people come away disappointed when it was released last year, I clearly let that affect my efforts to see it.  It’s not like it’s something I’d run out to see, but I think I would have checked it out before this weekend if I was really unaffected.

After watching, I can find nothing wrong with this movie.  It fits well stylistically with the previous chapters.  It acknowledges what came before and broke new ground.  Nothing is any more far fetched or unbelievable than a Nazi melting smoke monster.  Shia Labeouf was annoying, but I think you could have the same reaction to Short Round.  Honestly, if you liked any of the Indiana Jones movies you should like this.  My only complaint, no monkey assassin.