I found nothing wrong with Indiana Jones 4

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I didn’t really think about it until this weekend, but on some level I actively avoided seeing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  After hearing so many people come away disappointed when it was released last year, I clearly let that affect my efforts to see it.  It’s not like it’s something I’d run out to see, but I think I would have checked it out before this weekend if I was really unaffected.

After watching, I can find nothing wrong with this movie.  It fits well stylistically with the previous chapters.  It acknowledges what came before and broke new ground.  Nothing is any more far fetched or unbelievable than a Nazi melting smoke monster.  Shia Labeouf was annoying, but I think you could have the same reaction to Short Round.  Honestly, if you liked any of the Indiana Jones movies you should like this.  My only complaint, no monkey assassin.