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Let Me In is a remake of 2008’s Let The Right One In – a haunting, quiet film that instantly garnered international acclaim. Going in, I expected the Hollywood remake to be a completely butchered version of the Swedish original, but I was actually pleasantly surprised. There are a few small changes, some choppy CGI and slightly overdone special effects – but the overall mood, tone, and most of the pivotal scenes felt right. The film is grainy, dark, wet and cold, with lots of blue and white tones and blurry selective focus.

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Eyjafjallajökull smoke plume to guest star on ABC’s Lost

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What could this possibly mean for the season finalé?

Photo by Olivier Vandeginste, originally published on Boston Globe.com.


Wait! The Others have a Lazarus Pit? (LOST SPOILERS AHEAD)

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The following discussion took place via Facebook over the last 24 hours. Some of the comments have been reordered for clarity’s sake.

Kevinmld: The Others have a Lazarus Pit?

On the Others versus the Hostiles and vice versa

Ryan H: They are the hostiles, Kev.  The others are a different group altogether.

Katie D: I thought the Dharma group was the “others”. Richard’s group was the “hostiles”. Then Ben killed off all the dharma folk & became part of Richard’s group. But then Ben tried to make the “hostiles” more like the “others” if that makes sense. Because I remember Season 3 there was tension in the ranks with Richard & Ben. At least that was my understanding.

Kevinmld: I’m not convinced. When we first saw the others running around in season one, weren’t they running around in rags and barefeet. I seem to remember their feet not touching the ground or something… but it’s been so many years I may be making that part up. I think it’s one group… Or they were one group in the past.

Ryan H: Kev, those others took the kids. The kids you saw today.

Jay H: Ben and Richard were a part of The Hostiles. They def wore the rags before. At some point, Ben rose to power, split off and slaughtered the Dharma Initiative. “The Others” is the name branded by the plane survivors for Ben and his people who lived in Dharmaville.

Katie D: Ben had to kill the Dharma folks in order to become part of Richard’s group.

Shawn H: i thought it was awesome when the guys were all like “oh nos don’t drown him in the magic hot tub.” asian dude shoulda been like “oh i’m sorry is your magical hot tub different than mine?”

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