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I’m really only writing this because I’m so surprised at Pete’s review and the fact that he seemed to follow Blackest Night as well as he did. I’m a guy who has been reading DC comics for close to 20 years and the level of continuity featured in this issue was ridiculous. To fully understand the continuity references in this issue you basically should be familiar with the following:
– Identity Crisis
– Green Lantern since the Rebirth mini-series.
– Green Lantern Corps since before the Sinestro Corps storyline.
– Infinite Crisis
– 52
– Final Crisis
– Final Crisis: Legions of 3 Worlds (Which still hasn’t finished being published)
– Geoff Johns’ Superman stories
– Geoff Johns’ Hawkman reincarnation stories
– Probably Flash Rebirth

To me that’s crazy excessive and I read virtually all of it! Beyond that the issue barely touches on the War of Light which the Green Lantern titles have been building up to as a prelude to Blackest Night.

Also, how concerned are we supposed to be about the fate of the Hawks? They just died in Final Crisis a few months ago, but that has clearly been since retconned.

Pete wanted to know why this is all happening now. I guess this is indeed part of the mystery, but what we’re seeing is the fulfillment of an ancient prophesy regarding the Blackest Night. You’d know that if you had read all of the above prerequisites.

I think this story will end up being interesting and exciting due to Johns’ involvement with it. But the first issue certainly wasn’t what I expected.

zombie_aquamanMy biggest concern right now comes from seeing pictures of the Blackest Night Aquaman action figure, who is all zombied up but has perfectly combed hair. Please tell me our zombie heroes are not going to have perfect hair as a means of identification since they’re not wearing their traditional costumes!

Zombies do not use hair gel.

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