The Sound of Time Travel

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Several months ago, I embarked on a journey into sound.  In an attempt to clear the clutter from my life I came across a treasure trove of old Philadelphia punk rock cassettes. So I armed myself with the technology I needed to bring these things back to life, namely an old cassette deck, an RCA to 1/8″ adapter and Apple’s GarageBand software.  I have to say, while time consuming, this process has been incredibly fulfilling.  I can once again enjoy the sounds of Space Christ, Chinny Chin Chin, Old Feziwig, and even a few rare gems from Ubisunt.  Yes, the quality is terrible when compared to other items in my iTunes library, but the tape hiss and imperfections are part of the music at this point and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m also converting some old VHS tapes to digital video just to complete the cycle.  Look out Saturday Night’s Main Event 11/28/87, you’re next!

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  • lydonwrites said,

    Space Christ?! I was sad when my tape-only walkman finally died. It had a Space Christ sticker, cleverly divided in half, hanging on out the back and front of the unit.

    True fact: though I had 3 or 4 Space Christ stickers, I never actually saw them play OR heard their music. Hook a brotha up.

  • BK said,

    I think I had a handful of Space Christ stickers, too. They must’ve rained down from the heavens like manna!

  • mike leon said,

    I hung out jammed a few times with ubisunt. Damn I wish I still had my ubisunt tape “if your not in the pit your a punk” which was actually named that from a good friend of mine ( jay insana r.i.p.) who was at a party that they were playing at and was the only one in the pit…till he shouted that out is there any way a digital copy can be aquired?

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