Philadelphia vs. New Jersey… and Houston – 2011 edition

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Forget about April Fools posts, it’s kind of a big day for Philadelphia sports. The surprisingly competent 76ers take on the New Jersey Nets tonight at 7PM and can clinch a playoff spot with a win. A Charlotte loss gets them in as well and while I’m not expecting much in the postseason, this team did beat San Antonio, Chicago and Boston this season. They were even able to hang with Miami until the Heat decided they wanted to win that game. That’s just the tip of the Philly Sports iceberg though.

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WWE King of the Ring 2010

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WWE Monday Night Raw returns to my hometown of Philadelphia tonight and in a surprise move brings the King of the Ring Tournament with it. Well, it was a surprise to me at least as I didn’t find out about it until watching last week’s show (to be fair, I’m also slightly surprised every time that I see that the Wachovia Center is now the Wells Fargo Center). This will be another 3-hour broadcast and the second this month in Pennsylvania after “WWE Old School Night” two weeks ago in Hershey.

While it was once an annual event, there hasn’t been a King of the Ring tournament since William Regal won in 2008. I seriously considered going tonight, but as you’ll see the bad outweighed the good.

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This is where I vote

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I’ve always thought that my local polling location was pretty awesome since it’s a row home basement that’s also a Baptist church. As amazing as that is compared to voting in some middle school cafeteria, it really has nothing on some of the polling locations featured on Ryan Donnell’s Behind the Curtain site.

I can’t decide if I like the idea of voting in an auto repair shop or a funeral home more! Thanks to the City Paper and my old friend and newsman Jonathan Poet for pointing me toward this.


Philadelphia Comic Con: Where were the comics?

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Boooo! We totally beat England 1-1. Wait... What?

So most of us at MLD spent this past weekend at the former Wizard World East/Philly… which was renamed this year “the Philadelphia Comic Con.” This was an interesting move on Wizard’s part considering that there was virtually no presence at the event from the comic book establishment. Yes, there were comic book vendors and an artists alley, but completely missing from the festivities were representatives from DC and Marvel comics (as well as Dark Horse, IDW, Boom, or any other semi-major publisher). In fact, the only publishers I did notice at the event were Zenescope Entertainment, who publish a comic based on the defunct WB television show Charmed, and Avatar Press, who publish independent books from guys like Alan Moore, Warren Ellis, and Garth Ennis – none of whom were at the show. The lack of comic book companies showing up also meant there were none of the typical comic book panels highlighting what’s coming in the next year or announcements of any kind.

It has been a few years since I attended this show and so much has changed during that period.
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You can get anything from a food truck

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This afternoon I had the pleasure of experiencing a new Philadelphia treat, the Buttercream Cupcake Truck.  Having heard talk of this roving bakery for weeks, I figured I should investigate when word came that it was in the area.

They had about 8 options to choose from combining chocolate and vanilla cakes with different buttercream icings and ganache.  I wanted to get something green in honor of my Irish heritage, but it turns out every option came with shamrock sprinkles in a shamrock wrapper.  The vanilla cake with peanut butter icing was delicious and the accents certainly reminded me of the old country.

You can learn all about the truck’s mission at the Buttercream website.  You can also track the truck’s location around town by following them on Twitter at buttercreamphl.