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I’ve always thought that my local polling location was pretty awesome since it’s a row home basement that’s also a Baptist church. As amazing as that is compared to voting in some middle school cafeteria, it really has nothing on some of the polling locations featured on Ryan Donnell’s Behind the Curtain site.

I can’t decide if I like the idea of voting in an auto repair shop or a funeral home more! Thanks to the City Paper and my old friend and newsman Jonathan Poet for pointing me toward this.

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  • Brendan said,

    Peter – fascinating! What’s the story behind this?? Pretty wild – private residences, bars…

  • ptb said,

    Brendan, it’s great to hear from you! These photos are wild, and really capture some of the quirkiness of voting in Philadelphia. I’m sure something like this happens in other cities, but polling places like these seem to be a staple around here.

    A good article about Behind the Curtian can be found here.

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