MLD Best Picture Coverage: Winter’s Bone

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I get it. The race is over. But there’s still one film MLD had yet to weigh in on at all and that’s Winter’s Bone.

Winter’s Bone is an intense and moody look at a nasty hillbilly town and its culture. It follows a seventeen year old girl, who has been left to take care of her two younger siblings on her own, in her quest to find her missing father as she questions numerous nasty relatives about his whereabouts. The movie isn’t a fun watch but it’s definitely a strong film. In order to qualify for a 2010 Academy Awards nomination, Director Debra Granik made sure to include the requisite amputation scene.

Mostly when I finished watching the movie I couldn’t help but feel like Wayne and Garth had lied to me about it.

127 Hours is still the best film I saw last year.

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