REVIEW: Green Lantern Corps #59War of the Green Lanterns Part Five

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Green Lantern Tuesday continues at MLD with a look at Green Lantern Corps #59.

DC Comics’ cosmic epic War of the Green Lanterns continues tomorrow with the release of Parts Seven through Nine in Green Lantern #66Green Lantern Corps #60, and Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #10. We’ll have our discussion/review of those soon, but to get you ready Kevin and I will spend the day breaking down the latest chapters of the War of the Green Lanterns.

As always, spoilers will follow.

PTB: We already discussed the unfortunate way we each saw Aaron Lopresti’s cover earlier than we’d have liked, but it’s still a fun image. The spectrum of lanterns always makes for a great visual, even if those visuals sometimes burst into flames.

KevinMLD: I agree, though I don’t really think it looks like Hal in the Sinestro Corps costume.

The splash page that shows off all of Earth’s Lanterns in new corps costumes just seems designed to sell toys six months from now. There’s been some question as to whether DC Direct will be continuing to make action figures long term. If they do, I guarantee you’ll see a Wave featuring these rainbow Lanterns.

PTB: No question that page is a little overdone, but generally Tyler Kirkham’s pages look solid here. There’s a lot going on (particularly in the early pages with Ganthet versus the assembled Green Lantern Corps) but I like it.

KevinMLD: I liked that the new Rainbow Lanterns couldn’t immediately use their rings. Rings choose the Lantern, Lanterns don’t choose the ring.

PTB: I really enjoyed that as well. It also gave a refesher on the confusing way the rings all interact with one another. Seeing that associated with characters I know made it much clearer, but what is the weird staff Jon Stewart is carrying around?

KevinMLD: No idea why, but the staff goes with the Indigo Tribe. We know very little about them yet.

I also really enjoyed that Ganthet thinks the Rainbow Lanterns have made a horrible decision by adopting their new rings. I hope there’s some payoff to this concept down the line. Though I’ll be a little sad if Guy dies… Let’s face it though, his death wouldn’t stick. Someone will need to be resurrected in the inevitable Blackest Night 2.

PTB: It’s hard to even joke about that after the disaster of Brightest Day. Ganthet does make an ominous prediction about the long term effects of the yellow ring on Hal in particular. With Parallax back in play I’m afraid we might see someone hosting him once again.

KevinMLD: Since both Hal and Barry Allen just recently hosted Parallax, I’d hope the possession angle has been done enough recently to rule it out… I hope.

I was very happy to see Mogo join the fight, though he probably was a little out of scale in that image. His appearance definitely has me excited for the next chapter.

PTB: I have no idea who Mogo is. It definitely seems like he’s bad news for the heroes.

KevinMLD: Mogo is one of my favorite of the crazy alien Green Lanterns. He’s basically a sentient planet and one of the most powerful Green Lanterns there is.

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