REVIEW: Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #9 – War of the Green Lanterns Part Six

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Green Lantern Tuesday at MLD concludes with Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #9 bringing us up to date on the space saga.

DC Comics’ cosmic epic War of the Green Lanterns continues tomorrow with the release of Parts Seven through Nine in Green Lantern #66Green Lantern Corps #60, and Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #10. We’ll have our discussion/review of those soon, but to get you ready Kevin and I will spend the day breaking down the latest chapters of the War of the Green Lanterns.

As always, spoilers will follow.

PTB: Miguel Sepulveda’s cover is fun this time around, but I think it’s a step down from last issue. Although is that Mogo in the background?

KevinMLD: It is indeed Mogo.

PTB: While I’ve really been enjoying the regular covers for this series I have to mention that the variants for all of these issues are just too redundant. Even after finding them for our posts, I couldn’t tell you anything about what’s on them other than green.

Fernando Pasarin’s interiors grabbed me from page one. This book may even surpass Doug Mahnke’s work on Green Lantern. The details beneath the surface of Oa are fantastic. The only panel that didn’t work was where we see Ganthet being held down by the Green Lanterns. He looks so big compared to everyone else. They must be really far away.

KevinMLD: Yeah Ganthet looks huge on that first page. I kind of think John Stewart looks a little strange throughout this issue in his Indigo fatigues.

PTB: We get a real sense of how the four Green Lanterns of Earth interact here (with some amplification from the new rings) and it’s nice to see them disagree about where to focus their attention.

KevinMLD: I’m curious to see how this pays off. It seems like the inevitable lesson is that they would have been better off staying together, but both missions seem important.

PTB: I’m assuming things like the Foundry, Shedd and the First Lantern are new concepts in the Green Lantern universe?

KevinMLD: As far as I know they’re new concepts. It’s always possible, however, that Johns and company are recycling some obscure GL lore.

PTB: If Krona’s Gauntlet is the prototype for the first green ring, shouldn’t it be corrupted too?

KevinMLD: We obviously have no idea how this stuff works yet, but it’s certainly interesting that the Green Lantern technology appears to be based on Krona’s work. This is the best part of the issue to me. As far as I know this is a new concept. Krona is one of those characters who is always a threat to the very existence of the universe and yet the Green Lanterns Corps is based on his innovation? Crazy.

PTB: The split among the Lanterns helps set up the conclusion nicely and develops really naturally. I really like the fact that the Guardians that are set to defend the battery are inhabited by the various entities.

KevinMLD: I’m hoping the New Guardians that have been trapped in that book make a big return before this story is closed out and play a major role in ending this war. If I’m being honest, I mostly just always want more Larfleeze.

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