Bungie says goodbye to Halo

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After ten years, software developer Bungie LLC, producers of the Halo video game series for the Xbox360, will end its relationship with the franchise one week from today. Future games will be developed by Microsoft’s 343 Industries, but before they’re done Bungie is giving back to its supporters through their final Halo release, Halo: Reach, one last time.

The recently released Bungie iPhone app allowed players to add a blue flaming helmet to their in-game characters (see mine ↑above and ↓below). The helmet can now also be added by registering at Bungie.net and had previously been available only to Halo: Reach game developers. The app also offers a “Bungie All Stars” nameplate for players to distinguish themselves in online gameplay. Naturally, the app only works with iOS4, an issue I’ve struggled with during the current baseball season. Fortunately, I have a source as KevinMLD is more technologically advanced than Angie and I, and was able to use his iPad to save the day. Kevin has never played Halo and I’ve never used this app, but together we were part of history!

Bungie has hinted that more gifts are in store for this year’s “Bungie Day,” 7/7/11. At the very least, the day promises to be among the most active for online play as fans will have an opportunity to play against Bungie employees with a steak dinner on the line. A 24-hour challenge pitting the game developers against the fans is a fun prospect, but it’s still bittersweet to see the people who have been a part of Halo since the beginning leave their greatest creation.

As Bungie steps away, 343 Industries is set to take over and even hinted at a title update for Reach earlier this week. I can’t help but hope that they have more in store as they begin Halo operations. They already announced Halo: Anniversary and Halo 4, but I’d love to see more downloadable content for Reach as well. 343 is composed in part of former Bungie employees including Franchise Director Frank O’Connor. They were responsible for February’s Defiant Map Pack download and hopefully we’ll quickly see that the Halo universe is in good hands.

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