Anyone else get a call today from the “Service Center”?

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Who is Richie James?

We have a home phone. Weird, right? It was included in the package and when you are paying $50/month for everything under sun from Verizon, you just take it. So we got a single corded phone for $14 from Best Buy and plugged it in. The phone calls we get are so odd. I forgot what telemarketers were like. Today, ptb was so amused by my side of a call he requested a transcript for MLD.  Read more of this article »


Baltimore Comic Con Coming Soon

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You may have seen us mention it on Facebook recently, and if you didn’t, ‘like’ us now! The guest of honor at the Baltimore Comic Con in August is Stan Lee! You barely see me write about comics on MLD, but even I know this is a big deal. Of course, this is a must see for PTB, so we will be there representing the site. We are even thinking about dressing Ben as Stan Lee since he will be meeting him too. PTB will have far more to say about the subject soon. We’ll be prepping our readers for Baltimore Comic Con throughout the month of July. But for now, I wanted to get the word out there and give you the chance to get in the VIP line for Stan Lee! You can buy tickets for the show, for an autograph, for a photo, or for all three and a “Fast Stan” line on the BCC website.

Let us know if you will be there! MLD BCC meetup?