You’re very welcome, Cleveland.

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So let’s be honest… some fans in Cleveland may have been a little upset that the Indians traded their best player, Cliff Lee, to Philadelphia last year just in time for the Phillies’ unsuccessful World Series title defense. The trade turned out to be Philadelphia just renting out Lee for that playoff run, before shipping him off to Seattle for way less than the Indians got for him.

Cleveland fans may have felt like they didn’t get enough in return for Lee, but that argument should end tonight. Because tonight that trade saved the Indians from the ultimate humiliation of being “perfect gamed,” when former Phillies’ prospect and current Indian Jason Donald avoided being the 27th straight out recorded by some nobody Detroit Tigers pitcher. Donald achieved this by barely beating out an infield single. Read more of this article »


REVIEW: Phillies vs D’Backs – live blogging

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JewishHeritageNightSo I should have started this ninety minutes ago. We join the game in progress, it’s the bottom of the 4th. The based are loaded. Shane Victorino is up. Pete is dancing vaguely like a robot. There are two outs. The phils lead 4-3.

It’s also worth noting that tonight is Jewish Heritage Night at Citizen’s Bank Park. We’re being treated to some traditional music every time the Phillies fly out to end the inning with the bases loaded.

Top of the 5th went by quickly with Shane Victorino giving Ben Francisco a lesson in catching fly balls and Blanton pitching out of some trouble.

After some criticism for live blogging instead of watching the game, we’ll be back later as we watch the bottom of the 5th.

Phillies8-20It’s a good we paid attention, otherwise we’d have missed Jason Werth’s two-run, 421 foot home run. The inning was followed by a little hora action in front of the D’backs’ dugout.

Top 6th went quickly featuring a great catch by Jimmy Rollins. For those keeping track at home, the baseball was in ice cream container 1.

Panamania is runnin’ wild! Solo home run by Carlos Ruiz! Blanton and Rollins each single with no outs. Victorino flies out, pitching change D’backs.


Utley drives in Blanton. Three run home run Ryan Howard! All while we’re on an ice cream run.

Blanton tears through the 7th. Yiddish “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

Blanton picks up his second hit of the game and the Phillies tack on another run in the bottom of the 7th. The inning ends on a Howard fly out preceded by a disturbing shout of “101” by a guy in our row. Pretty sure he couldn’t be heard at the plate. 12-3 Phils.

Blanton makes quick work of the top of the 8th on two pop ups and a strikeout. Tonight’s attendance: C 45,172.

In the bobblehead race, Kevin had Red, Pete had gray… Red takes it. Kevin 1, Pete 0. The drunk people in front of us have let the right fielder for the D’backs, Romero, know that they hate him and that he sucks.

There was NO reason to replace Blanton with Durbin in the ninth. It’s 12-3. Let the guy finish the game.

Many people in the crowd are dumb and think Durbin is Lidge.

Ryan is forcing us all to high five as the D’Backs lose again. Why don’t we play them EVERYDAY?