You’re very welcome, Cleveland.

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So let’s be honest… some fans in Cleveland may have been a little upset that the Indians traded their best player, Cliff Lee, to Philadelphia last year just in time for the Phillies’ unsuccessful World Series title defense. The trade turned out to be Philadelphia just renting out Lee for that playoff run, before shipping him off to Seattle for way less than the Indians got for him.

Cleveland fans may have felt like they didn’t get enough in return for Lee, but that argument should end tonight. Because tonight that trade saved the Indians from the ultimate humiliation of being “perfect gamed,” when former Phillies’ prospect and current Indian Jason Donald avoided being the 27th straight out recorded by some nobody Detroit Tigers pitcher. Donald achieved this by barely beating out an infield single.

Except he actually didn’t. And everyone on the planet but first base umpire Jim Joyce knows it. (Though by now even Joyce knows it and if he has any honor is contemplating immediate retirement.) Don’t take my word for it. Check out the clip below.

How did that taste Detroit fans? So close…

There really is no excuse for Major League Baseball to be living in a virtually instant replay free world in 2010, except that Bud Selig has proven time and again to be a clown. This should have been the first season in Major League Baseball history in which three pitchers threw perfect games, but an umpire stole that moment away from the sport. It was a call that could easily have been reviewed, but Baseball is more interested in being pure than well governed. Pure… except when you consider its recent history with steroids and methamphetamines.

I’d link you to Jim Joyce’s wikipedia page… it’s been hysterical tonight… but it has since been locked down “due to vandalism.”

Anyway Cleveland, you should have been humiliated tonight (again) but the Phillies saved you.

You’re very welcome.

(Though I’d argue that maybe being shut out for an entire series against the lowly Mets is worse than being perfect gamed.)

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  • Ryan said,

    Joyce and the umpiring crew should have discussed the call. The other umpires blew it, too.

  • ptb said,

    They should have discussed it, but doesn’t the umpire responsible for the call have to request that?

    Also, Ken Griffey, Jr., the last of the ringers for Mr. Burns’ power plant softball team, retired yesterday.

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