The 76ers and the rest of the NBA 2011

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I’m absolutely a fan of the Philadelphia 76ers, but at a time when a team needs (at least) three legit All Stars to have a realistic shot at a championship it’s hard to get excited about them. A month ago, they were sitting as the number seven playoff seed in the NBA East with a losing record. As bad as that is, there was a still a team with an even worse record going to the playoffs at number eight. It was a sad commentary on the state of the East.

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2010 NBA Finals Game 7

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And so it comes down a deciding game seven in the NBA Finals this year between the league’s two most successful franchises. The Lakers and Celtics have won 32 of the league’s 63 NBA Championships between them, and that’s enough for me to not care at all about this year’s finals. Any and all rooting interest I had was lost back in November when it was clear the Sixers weren’t going anywhere.

In preparation for tonight, check out all of this season’s NBA posts here on My Latest Distraction. You’ll notice a pattern that has nothing at all to do with Boston, Los Angeles, or any other team that made the playoffs this year.

The last game of the NBA post-season airs tonight on ABC at 9PM EST. Congratulations to whichever team wins. You did it again!


Sixers get past six wins!

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sixersWhat a treat for the end of the week!  The Sixers played the Boston Celtics on the road tonight at the TD Garden and came away with a one-point win in the last 23 seconds of the game.  This is clearly the Sixers biggest win of the season.  Hell, they only had six wins going in.  This was the first to come against a team with a winning record, and not only are the Celtics over .500, they have the best record in the NBA and came in with an 11-game winning streak.  I’m not saying this is anything more than one win, but what a fun win.  I’d say that merits a post.