The 76ers and the rest of the NBA 2011

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I’m absolutely a fan of the Philadelphia 76ers, but at a time when a team needs (at least) three legit All Stars to have a realistic shot at a championship it’s hard to get excited about them. A month ago, they were sitting as the number seven playoff seed in the NBA East with a losing record. As bad as that is, there was a still a team with an even worse record going to the playoffs at number eight. It was a sad commentary on the state of the East.

Since then, the Sixers have had a pretty good run. They’re still the seventh seed, but they’ve gotten themselves above the 0.500 mark. They even beat the Celtics last week and handed the Spurs their 9th loss earlier this month when they were leading the NBA at 44-8. Then they go and lose to the 26-38 Milwaukee Bucks by almost 30 points on Saturday. The same Bucks that went on to manage a franchise low 56 points against the Celtics yesterday. The Sixers have also provided the NBA worst Cleveland Cavaliers (12-53) with two of their twelve wins this season. The Sixers are going to make the playoffs this year, but it’s hard to think they’ll do anything in the postseason at this point.

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