Monday Night Raw Warm Up for September 10th, 2012

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This week’s abbreviated one-man version of the Warm Up revolves around one name: Bret Hart. Tonight WWE Raw touches down in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, site of the infamous 1997 “Montreal Screwjob” that saw has been the source of more discussion than few other things in wrestling history. For me, this is THE reason to watch tonight. However, given the relative lack of promotion for this aspect of the show on last week’s Raw I fear that many other things will take center stage tonight, and maybe they should.

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Yesterday saw the much anticipated (at least by me) release of THQ’s WWE All Stars video game. While I haven’t had a lot of time to spend on it so far, my initial reaction is very positive. We are deep into the WrestleMania time of year, so I know I might be tempted to give this higher marks than normal, but I think I can objectively say that this game is a lot of fun.

What sold me on WWE All Stars after a long time away from wrestling video games was the roster of characters and the angle of pitting current WWE Superstars against WWE Legends. The Legends roster is a lot of fun and includes some surprises like Jake “the Snake” Roberts. You also don’t see a lot of Randy “Macho Man” Savage (one of my all time favorites) associated with WWE these days, so his inclusion was critical to me along with the Hitman Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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Everything’s coming up ptb!

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This has been a fantastic week if you like what I like!  So many great things have come together that I almost feel like it was planned.  Well, it was all planned, just not by me.  These are the things that made this week so nice:

X-Men Marvel Masterworks

The Marvel Masterworks line collects older comics in classy hardbound volumes.  The first 6 X-Men Masterworks volumes covered issues 1-66 of the book spanning 1963 to 1970.  Once those were published, I assumed the run would be over as at that point the X-Men were “cancelled” and the next 27 issues were reprints of previously published stories until the series was relaunched in 1975 with Giant-Size X-Men #1 and continued with issue 94 (collected in a separate set of Uncanny X-Men Masterworks).

Imagine my surprise when I learned that a 7th volume was being released last year reprinting X-Men appearances in other Marvel titles during the “cancelled” years (a period in which new stories of the X-Men were told in John Byrne’s X-Men: The Hidden Years series a few years ago, a title I loved but was cancelled prematurely by Marvel).  These are books I have been tracking down for years and I was thrilled at the prospect of a Masterworks edition collecting them.  The 8th and final volume was released this week and is currently in transit to my home.

Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine

Tonight I get a rare treat in being able to see one of my musical heroes, Jello Biafra, perform with a full band at my all time favorite Philadelphia venue, The Trocadero.  Before this show was announced, I almost bought tickets to see them in Brooklyn since it was the only East Coast show listed.  It would have been nice to see them twice, but an out of town show on a Thursday is tough, so I’m glad I waited.  After seeing Jello perform with the Melvins a year or two ago, I’m really looking forward to seeing him again (almost as much as Angie is dreading it).  It should be a great night of music from the new album, Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, Jello’s work with the No WTO Combo and other songs from throughout Jello’s career with the Dead Kennedys.

WrestleMania featuring Bret Hart

This is one thing I really hoped I’d eventually get to see, Bret “the Hitman” Hart returning to WWE.  I know it’s all fake, and it’s not the highest form of entertainment, but I’ve been a fan of Bret Hart since I was around 11.  As you may have noticed, despite getting older I tend to hang on to the things I loved in my youth.  There have been countless times where I thought things were aligning for Bret to return (and I’m sure Kevin and Brian will be quick to point out how often I was wrong), but now it’s happening and it’s great.  They even threw in a Monday Night Raw with Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin; it was like 1996 all over again! This Sunday, we’ll get one last WrestleMania appearance from the Hit Man, resolve the 13 year feud with Vince McMahon, and a legendary wrestler will get the send-off he deserves in one of the strongest WrestleMania line ups in years.

A week of deliciousness

Angie is the greatest.  For years now she’s been honing her culinary skills and has even gotten to the point where she’s so excited about the kitchen that she has to share it with the world.  This week she let me choose the menu and pick out some of my favorite meals in her extensive repertoire: pasta with chicken bolognese, enchiladas, and last night’s étouffé (my number one seed in Angie’s March Madness of Meals).  She was even willing to take a night off from cooking to get Chabaa Thai take out on Wednesday.  Above everything else this week, I am one lucky well-fed guy.


Monday Night Wars II

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It’s like 1996 all over again as two rival professional wrestling programs go head-to-head tonight with both promising to have big shows.

TNA makes a move to Monday night making a rare live iMPACT! broadcast showcasing the debut of the legendary Hulk Hogan. WWE RAW will counter by upping the ante on their long running show by featuring the return of Bret “The Hitman” Hart after 12 years away from the business.

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