Comics and More: New store open for business in the Court at King of Prussia

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Comics and More is officially open for business in King of Prussia once again and today was their first Wednesday with new comics. The new store is huge and while it’s going to take time to fill it, there are some great plans afoot (it’s clear they have space to fill when there’s a leather Texas Chainsaw Massacre baseball cap on display along with a hardcover collection of Atlantis Attacks). It was nice to be shopping there again.

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Get to the chopper!

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In a week, some of this mop of hair you see to your right might be going away.  Until then, I can enjoy moments like right now, where in an effort to control the uncontrollable, Angie goes with any hair configuration that works.  I’d say it looks like Chronomancer-era Bishop‘s hairstyle, but no one will get that reference. So I’ll just say that I love my wife, Predator-head and all.

Images courtesy of Mile High Comics and Unreality Magazine.