Broad Street Run 2009 – A sea of humanity.

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Announcements went out that registration would be capped at 26,500 for the 30th Anniversary of Philadelphia’s Broad Street Run, and despite the miserable weather over 22,000 crossed the finish line.

I have to admit, I loved running in the rain.  While I’m satisfied with the result, it would have been nice to get under 90 minutes.



Run, Fatboy, Run

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I wasn’t sure if I was going to include this here or not, but here goes.  I’ve taken it upon myself to get back to basics and run.  I somehow found this new dedication after seeing too much of myself recently and as far as distractions go, this is one for the ages.  The Nike+ helps (if you’re using it, my username is ptb).

My half-marathon training began on February 10th, and tonight I managed a very satisfying run from the Art Museum to my home (thanks for the drop-off, Angie).