Sunday Funday

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Angie looked like she was having a lot of fun the other day, so I couldn’t really resist joining in. Of course, I had to bake a batch of Boba Fetts first since the first ones were “gone.”


Fun Food

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  Enjoy your time off!  Before you go though, I have one quick thing to show you!  How awesome are these Star Wars Cookies?

There is a set of four at Williams Sonoma (the fourth is Boba Fett).  They also have all sorts of decorating supplies, but I wasn’t brave enough to decorate them myself.  And I ate them all before I had a chance to have help.  These cookies aren’t just for eating.  They are clearly for playing with too!  Oh!  And they have pancake molds, but I have never had much luck with my Halloween pancake molds, so I will stick with cookies.