REVIEW: Brightest Day #3

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DC Comics‘ Brightest Day #4 is in stores this week. That makes this as good a time as any to share some thoughts on issue #3.

PTB: The cover really caught my attention on this one. At first, I thought they were the resurrected characters, but upon thinking about it that’s clearly not the case. I know it’s just the cover, but with Atom and Mera included it just got my wheels spinning about who the twelve resurrected characters are now that I’ve got a handle on some of them.

KevinMLD: The characters on the cover are the stars of Brightest Day to date. I assume the other resurrected characters will play a role in the title at some point, but they’re clearly not going to be main characters the way Mera and the Atom have been so far.

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REVIEW: Brightest Day #2

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DC Comics Brightest Day #3 hits stores today, ptb and I have taken some time over the past two weeks to share our thoughts on issue #2. Things are broken down according to the characters focused on throughout the issue.


PTB: OK, I really don’t get all this Firestorm stuff and I don’t really find their story all that interesting. I understand how they share a body, but the association with the Atom and the Professor is a little lost on me. It’s clear some crazy Black Lantern stuff is going down here so it may lead to a decent pay off.

KevinMLD: The professor used to be merged with the Ronnie Firestorm. That’s kind of the classic Firestorm status quo. Jason was the modern replacement Firestorm, I’m not sure who he was merged with.

I honestly don’t really know much about Firestorm beyond those basics, but I think that the Matrix that the Atom was pursuing is what binds the personalities. So the Atom is trying to help separate them. Obviously the Black Lantern version of Ronnie is still active in some capacity.

I’m also not sure why the resurrected Ronnie is such a jerk as a character. Was he always that way? Is this something new tied to Blackest Night? No idea.

I’m interested to see if the big explosion killed Jason. The reason being that in the last few years DC has launched a series of diverse replacement heroes including a Chinese Atom, an African-American Firestorm, and a Hispanic Blue Beetle. The new Atom had a very short run before DC brought back the classic Ray Palmer Atom that we see here. This left the all-new Atom with very little to do except be brutally murdered by Deathstroke and his new team of Titans. If Jason died here it will continue to look like DC is killing their diverse modern characters to replace them with Silver Age white dudes. Maybe (probably) those Silver Age white dudes should never have been replaced in the first place, but turning their diverse characters into cannon fodder just feels wrong. Why did DC bother introducing them in the first place? No one took them seriously because DC was simultaneously bringing back characters like Hal Jordan and Barry Allen. This gave readers zero incentive to get invested in new characters.

Martian Manhunter

PTB: Who is this crazy mother that hates Rock Band and the Martian Manhunter? This part of the story was brutal and I have no idea if she’s been seen before. Speaking of the Manhunter, his story was kind of creepy. Is the daughter of the the professor someone new too?

KevinMLD: No idea. I thought maybe she was a white Martian, but they don’t need to wear fake skin as far as I know. The daughter of the scientist was the old lady he visited later in the issue. I’m guessing the mother is that monster that was called to Earth before The Martian Manhunter was just a few pages later in this issue.

PTB: That’s a good call about the monster that was called to Earth first. It makes a lot of sense. Seems like they’re trying to build a new supporting cast for the Manhunter here, is that fair to say?

KevinMLD: I’m not sure that the Martian Manhunter has EVER had a supporting cast. If I remember correctly, the only time he’s headlined a title was in the late 90s during the JLA’s hey day, but I certainly didn’t read it.

The Hawks (but not Hawk of Hawk and Dove – seriously who thought resurrecting three Hawk characters at the same time was a good idea?)

PTB: The Hawks’ story is getting interesting and some of the new (to me at least) information on Hath-Set helped me to get more of what’s going on there.

KevinMLD: Agreed. This is the strongest part of the series so far not starring Aquaman and giant dead sea life.

PTB: Speaking of dead sea life, did a bunch of fish die when he and Mera entered the water on the one page they were on?

KevinMLD: Good catch. It sure looks that way to me!


PTB: Then there’s this Anti-Monitor stuff at the end again that I know is supposed to be HUGE, but it’s meaningless to me even though I know you’ve explained that the Anti-Monitor is the baddest of the cosmic universal bad guys. And doesn’t Planet Qward have something to do with Sinestro?

KevinMLD: My understanding is Sinestro was banished to Qward when he was kicked out of the Green Lantern Corps. Qward later became the Sinestro Corps home world. But it’s also where the Anti-Monitor came from… Think of him kind of as DC’s Galactus, but less human. I don’t remember him being much of a talker.

I wish the Deadman story would pick up. So far he’s really annoying and I want him to be awesome.

PTB: Given the ending, I think Deadman’s story pretty much has to pick up. The Anti-Monitor seemed to be very much aware of his presence even if the rest of the world isn’t.

The artwork was decent on this issue, but it looks like they used a team approach. It was pretty consistent throughout though so it worked well. The crazy lady, the first Manhunter page and the first Hawks page look fantastic

KevinMLD: I’m very happy with the art so far, but I’m still not totally into this title yet. I wish DC would do a long term weekly-biweekly story at some point that actually starred their A-list characters. None of these year long books have really featured the main Justice League characters interacting in any significant way. Even Trinity which was supposed to star Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, mostly was about alternate versions of their supporting casts on a quest to find the three of them and bring them back to Earth as they had evolved basically into gods on another world.

I just don’t see Martian Manhunter and Firestorm being able to sustain a bi-weekly book for an entire year.

PTB: I agree with you completely about the absence of A-listers, but at the same time I’m not sure if I’d be any more into the book if they were there. I liked that Blackest Night didn’t suffer from too much Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman. Obviously Green Lantern and Flash are bigger characters than Manhunter and Firestorm, and they were at the center of Blackest Night so that puts Brightest Day in a very different place. They’ve been the focus so far, but there’s a whole host of other resurrected characters that haven’t really been touched on at all and we both agree that the Aquaman and Hawk people stories are solid.

I think this is unfolding nicely and I’ll continue to give it a shot. The $2.99 price point really helps too.

KevinMLD: About the missing resurrected characters I can tell you the following:

Hawk is appearing over in Birds of Prey, which had a fantastic debut issue.

Captain Boomerang is appearing in Flash.

Osiris is a part of the Deathstroke led Titans book, which had a terrible debut issue.

Max Lord is the antagonist of the other 26 issue bi-weekly DC book starring the Justice League International, which has so far been incredibly bland.

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