Monday Night Raw Warm Up for April 30th, 2012

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WWE Champion C.M. Punk successfully defended his title last night against Chris Jericho at Extreme Rules in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

Coming off of the annual Extreme Rules pay-pre-view last night in Chicago and a three-hour Raw last week in Detroit, it’s fair to say the WWE Universe is currently in a weird place. Last week’s edition of Raw was haphazard and even with the bonus hour didn’t divide the time well for the Extreme Rules feuds, which were primarily rematches from WrestleMania XXVIII. Coming off the PPV, Brock Lesnar lost the battle, but may have won the war with John Cena who took a savage beating. Meanwhile, C.M. Punk defeated Chris Jericho in his hometown, avenging his family that had been drawn into Y2J’s crosshairs. This could mean some new feuds are starting at the top of the card tonight in Dayton, Ohio.

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