The Onion. Dot com?

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Pete and I are enjoying a day in New York City today. It has been the perfect day for it. Hot, but not too hot. Now comes the part that I dread though. Waiting in line for stuff. At least there are things in the immediate surroundings to keep me amused. For example, what’s up with the onion just hanging out behind the door in a clothing store? Weird, right?


foursquare: I don’t get it

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Ok, so many of our readers use foursquare, checking in wherever they go.  I don’t get it.  Why publish when you aren’t home?  What’s the purpose?  I think I get the purpose of Facebook.  It’s like what MySpace used to be, but better.  But foursquare, I have yet to understand you.  I created an account to try and understand, but you still seem useless.

Can any foursquare users out there explain it to me?  And if I get it, then we can be friends and stalk each other on ANOTHER website.


What I want in an Apple tablet

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It is almost January. My Apple stock is climbing. It is that time of year. The time of year I watch it climb, climb, climb, only to come down, down, down right after the January announcements. This year the rumor is a tablet device (check out one Mashable article on it here). This post however is not about what the rumors are. Honestly, I have never been crazy giddy about the possibilities to come early each year. But….I will tell you what I would want if there was a tablet:

I want it to be my Harmony remote. I want it to have a kickstand of sorts, that it can function on my coffee table as a digital picture frame. And when I need it, simple tap – and there are all my media functions….Watch DVR, Watch DVD, Listen to iTunes, Listen to iPod, Play Wii, Play XBox, blah, blah, blah, blah. I want it to have my Comcast screen ON the tablet when I am looking through my TV choices. Because….come on…if this thing functions as my Harmony all-in-one remote, why should I click a button to scroll through selections when I could simply flick my way through channels the way I do photos on my iPhone. And think of how much easier it would be to search for a show! Oh – and that kick stand feature….how handy would that be in the kitchen? I could simply have it on the counter with a recipe pulled up. I want it to work with my little Apple Remote….because it is SO annoying that my Mac Pro and Apple Display do not. Seriously. And voice command…..because what if my cooking has gotten so messy that I wouldn’t even want to touch my Apple Remote that is still wrapped in plastic?

I think that is about it. Really I don’t think I would use it for much more. Sounds like a reasonable purchase right?


Is something special happening in New Jersey?

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Now that baseball season has passed for another year, my attention has been drawn back to the NBA.  While my beloved Sixers will be in another battle for 4th place in the Eastern Conference, I couldn’t help but notice a remarkable statistic in their division: New Jersey Nets 0-12 to start the season.

The Nets are on pace to pass both their franchise losing streak of 16 games and the record for most losses to start an NBA season at 17 games (shared by the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Clippers).  We may be seeing something special happening in New Jersey.

Keeping pace with the Nets in the Atlantic Division are the lowly New York Knicks (who were rumored to be interested in the recently available Allen Iverson).  Combined 2 and 21 for the season, these teams just really couldn’t be worse.  They meet for the first time this season Saturday at 1PM where the Nets may take one more step toward infamy.


Avatar Sneak Preview: ML3D

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avatarA few months back, Kevin got us in to see a 15 minute preview of the new James Cameron film Avatar.  The event was similar to the Dark Knight preview we saw a few months before that premiere, but I have to say this was disappointing by comparison.

The problem I had with the preview was that none of the five scenes we were shown were in any way complete.  We saw enough to get the idea: the human military has some interest in a strange alien world, they send in operatives who have uploaded their consciousnesses into the bodies of the indigenous people, mayhem ensues.  The main protagonist appears to be a disabled marine who is made able to walk again in this new body and serves as the viewers’ guide to the alien world.  However, without any real context for the scenes, it was hard for me to get into.  The preview for The Dark Knight gave us the full bank heist scene, and I think anyone who saw it was completely on board for what to expect.

The real showcase for this event was the 3D IMAX technology used to produce the film.  It looks gorgeous when things aren’t really moving around, but the action scenes fell apart.  I struggled a bit having prescription glasses under the 3D goggles, but eventually found a configuration that worked.  Although it was amazing to see the way the scratches and imperfections of my lenses were intensified.

It was kind of interesting to see Sigourney Weaver (Aliens) and Sam Worthington (Terminator: Salvation) working with James Cameron given his success directing properties that made them sci-fi stars.  This movie may be great, but I wasn’t convinced enough to buy advance tickets for the December 18th opening as we walked out.

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