The TV controls the music

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A music post by me?!  Shocking, I know.  This may seemed delayed, but our DVR has us well trained to never watch live television.  We just finished watching our Monday shows – which this post is about.

Wednesday night Pete and I sat down to watch the latest episode of Gossip Girl.  It was an episode where not much happens, but you are reminded that these “kids” are only 18 and you question why they are at university sponsored parties drinking mojitos.  Towards the end there is a song that we both clearly enjoy.  It sounds so familiar!  Maybe we already own it?  We just had to know what song it was….Out comes the trusty iPhone to let Shazam identify it for us.  It was familiar!  I had THE SAME song tagged on my phone from Tuesday.  Then we had to figure out what show we had tagged it in.  Turns out we tagged it during the season finale of Secret Diary of a Call Girl.  Which also airs on Monday nights.

Since these are both shows you don’t watch….I feel like I need to share the song with you.  Two shows using it on the same night seemed odd to me.  How often does that really happen?  Check it out on iTunes now.  It is Florence + The Machine’s Dog Days Are Over.


You can get anything from a food truck

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This afternoon I had the pleasure of experiencing a new Philadelphia treat, the Buttercream Cupcake Truck.  Having heard talk of this roving bakery for weeks, I figured I should investigate when word came that it was in the area.

They had about 8 options to choose from combining chocolate and vanilla cakes with different buttercream icings and ganache.  I wanted to get something green in honor of my Irish heritage, but it turns out every option came with shamrock sprinkles in a shamrock wrapper.  The vanilla cake with peanut butter icing was delicious and the accents certainly reminded me of the old country.

You can learn all about the truck’s mission at the Buttercream website.  You can also track the truck’s location around town by following them on Twitter at buttercreamphl.


Nets still in the running to be the worst

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What has been a depressing NBA season is winding down, and tonight at 7PM the Sixers face the New Jersey Nets for the final time.  I just received an e-mail from the Sixers (yes, I’m still willing to be on their mailing list. I also get a text after every game which normally begins “Sixers fall to…”) with the message “SIXERS LOOK TO NUDGE NJ TOWARDS INFAMY” as the lowly Nets could still finish with fewer wins than the 1972-73 Sixers and their 9-73 record.

Regardless of the outcome tonight, I just don’t think the Nets will set the record. They’ve been on fire since the All-Star break with 3 wins in 15 games, and with 15 left to play I don’t see how they only come away with one victory. Especially considering they’re facing teams with 23-44 records like the Sixers, and only five of the remaining teams they face have winning records.

On the season, the Nets are on pace to win 8.5 with a current overall record of 7-60. So mathematically it could still happen. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. If nothing else, the Nets’ run at infamy has given me something to follow during a miserable Sixers season.


Fill-de-Bear Workshop

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Though not by very much, this shockingly WAS cheaper than buying a standard honey bear…. and who knows if it is any healthier.  I don’t really care either way.  This was the highlight of spending a little bit of extra time at the grocery store on a Saturday night.  I got to make my own honey bear!  Best part, when you put the lid on, it adds a “for your protection” seal to the top to the bottle!  Pure awesome.


82nd Academy Awards Winners

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Over the last few weeks, one of our new writers, Ryan, gave us his thoughts about the nominees for Best Picture (here and here) as well as his predictions for a total of 10 categories at this year’s Oscars.  The show was last night, all the winners have been announced, how did he do?  Ryan managed to hit 9 out of 10 from his prediction list, and got all the big awards.

While anyone could argue that these were easy calls to make, I disagree. Particularly in the case of Best Picture and Best Actress as Avatar and The Hurt Locker had fairly close odds as did Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep at Point-Spreads, Gambling 911, and Sharp Bettor (I guess people really do bet on these things).  I wouldn’t have been able to get nine right, but that’s why we had Ryan contribute his thoughts on the awards. He didn’t even need to see every movie.

I just don’t know why he didn’t throw out a pick for Best Foreign Language Film. Anyone could see ‘El Secreto de Sus Ojos‘ was a sure thing.  Or is it funnier to say ‘The Young Victoria‘ was a shoe-in for Best Costume Design?