Under the influence of Angie

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Wednesday night I was reminded of the powerful effect Angie has had on my life.  After arriving at the Comics and More, I discovered that there were no remaining copies of a book I was planning to purchase (it was Uncanny X-Men Annual #2, if you were interested). Had this happened in the pre-Angie era, I would have left the store and spent the night tracking down a copy. In the age of Angie, however, I accepted that this could be taken care of the next day, or even the day after that (but let’s not get carried away, I’m still me after all). I have to admit, this approach was far more peaceful than I ever expected. Although I did ask her to drive me to a comic book store in the city at the peak of rush hour to get said comic book the very next day. Guess I am still a slave to my programming.

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  • angelique said,

    I feel the need to point out that I was more than willing to drive you to a comic book store during rush hour. And I even went into the comic book store with you!

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