Fall 2011 Network TV – Tuesday’s New Hits and Misses

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Each day this week we’re taking a look at all of the new shows that joined the network TV lineup this Fall. Tuesday nights introduced two shows driven by fan favorite female leads in Zooey Deschanel’s New Girl on Fox and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Ringer on CW. As with all of the shows featured in our Fall Preview, we’ll have our reactions to both of these new entries. We’re judging a great deal based only on the pilot episode, and while that may be unfair it should be a show’s best effort to show us what it has to offer.

Read on to see what’s getting screen time here at MLD.

New Girl

KevinMLD: I hated the New Girl pilot intensely. It didn’t make sense on so many levels for this girl who was coming out of serious relationship to be so non-functional as a normal human being. And none of the shows quirks were endearing like Pushing Daisies or Wonderfalls but rather enraging.

PTB: I almost didn’t make it through the pilot and almost couldn’t believe it was real. I had to give the show a second chance and removing Damon Wayans Jr. from the cast did not help.

KatieD: Kevin had told me (several times) how much he (vehemently) hated it. I agree that the pilot was over the top (they need to be careful of OD’ing on the cute quirk of Zooey Deschanel) and there are still scenes that make me squirm. However, there are moments that give me hope. Like when the guys sang “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” or when Schmidt watched Curly Sue with Jess. I’m hoping that they can even the show out in the next few weeks.


KatieD: So this might be the worst pilot I’ve ever seen in my life.  It is absolutely the worst pilot of a show that I continue to watch and that’s because of SMG.  It looked like they filmed the first episode with a $100 budget.  The boat scene was absolutely terrible.

KevinMLD: This seemed like a harmless enough drama with a decent cast and much discussed horrendous special effects. I probably would have kept watching it but my DVR missed episode 2.

PTB: I was actually able to get past the flaws with the pilot and I was kind of hooked by the fact that everyone clearly has a story by the end of the first episode. Unfortunately, I haven’t kept up with it (it was also weird seeing it side by side with Dark Horse’s Buffy: Season 9 comic book).

KatieD: Every time they did a twin shot I screamed at the TV.  Luckily, the show has gotten exponentially better with each episode. Still watching!

Tuesday’s new shows that no one made time for:

Last Man Standing

Man Up


Even though our opinions are somewhat split on Ringer and New Girl, enough people are watching for them to be picked up for the rest of the season along with Last Man Standing. No word yet on what’s happening with Man Up or Unforgettable on or off screen.

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