Fall 2011 Network TV – Monday’s New Hits and Misses

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It took nearly two full months for all of this Fall’s new shows to debut, but with a Halloween weekend of Allen Gregory, Once Upon a Time and the appropriately timed Grimm, everything is now on the air. Since our Fall Preview that ran as the first shows premiered, some have succeeded, some have failed and we have our reactions to all of them. We’re judging many of these shows based only on the pilot episode, and while that may be unfair it should be a show’s best effort to show us what it has to offer.

Read on to see what’s getting screen time here at MLD.

2 Broke Girls

KevinMLD: I don’t think this show has quite found its footing yet and Kat Dennings delivers some of her lines a little too over the top “jokey.” But overall, I like this show and hope it just gets better over time.

PTB: This does make me laugh, but it reminds me so much of a show featured on The Simpsons years ago called “Don’t Go There” and it’s painful. I also think that song from the Bud Light Lime commercials that they use for every scene change hurts the show tremendously.

Angelique: I did not think I would like this show, but it has won me over. Putting it alongside How I Met Your Mother helped.

KevinMLD: I can’t agree enough about both of these points. The single music clip was annoying before the end of the first episode. It’s two months later and they keep playing it. Enough already! I also probably wouldn’t be watching it were it not basically teamed with How I Met Your Mother.

KatieD: I agree that sometimes the show is a little too “sitcom-y”, but it consistently makes me laugh. I was surprised that Whitney Cummings is an executive producer because I think the show is really funny but I loathe her. I suppose I enjoy her sense of humor but just can’t stand her face. Dennings is more likable. All I know is that the one show I vowed not to watch this year was Whitney and it is basically because I want to throw something at the TV every time she is on screen. Maybe she should stick to writing?

Hart of Dixie

KatieD: Sometimes it is hard for me to take this show seriously. I can’t decide if it is all the southern accents or if the acting is just bad. Plus everyone calls Rachel Bilson’s character “Dr. Zoe Hart”, not Zoe, not Dr. Hart, “Dr. Zoe Hart”…for some reason that annoys the crap out of me.

PTB: It’s never possible for me to take this show seriously, but I’ve watched a significant amount of episodes regardless. It’s all about Rachel Bilson, or should I say “Dr. Zoe Hart,” (at one point she was the only member of the cast listed on IMDB) and the only reason I even know it exists is because of commercials during Gossip Girl. This should all probably be a source of embarrassment.

Angelique: It’s no Gossip Girl… and Jaime King is just troublingly ugly.

KateiD: It’s a cute show and despite my better judgment I think I’m starting to care about the characters. I’m still watching!

Terra Nova

KatieD: I was definitely apprehensive about watching this, especially since it was a 2-hour pilot and a lot of people were let down. But, sometimes I think when the name Spielberg is involved expectations go through the roof. I thought it was a pretty solid pilot. Dinosaurs were pretty cool and Jason O’Mara is a really likable guy, so it is hard not to root for him. I’m not sure where this is going to go, but I’m on board for now.

PTB: This one was a victim of too many other offerings on Monday nights. I haven’t kept up with it, but I want to. It seems to be Fox’s big production successor to 24 on Mondays, but I’ve come to not trust them with science fiction properties.

Monday’s new show that no one made time for:

The Playboy Club

KatieD: Wins the honor of first show of the Fall season to be cancelled.

The rest of Monday’s new shows have fared far better. 2 Broke Girls and Hart of Dixie have both been picked up for a full season, while Terra Nova will only air 13 episodes this year (featuring a Season 1 finale in December) with the jury still out on Season 2.

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Tuesday’s New Hits and Misses

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