micro-review: 4 player co-op in the New Super Mario Bros. Wii

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Don’t be in it for the success.  Be in it for the fun.  We have played Mario Kart, Mario Party, Super Sluggers, and I am sure a few other Mario based games 4-player…..but nothing compares to having a whole team working on smashing goombas, koopas, and defeating Bowser.  Seriously – how could we ever make it to Bowser?  We spent most of the time trying to a.) figure out what character you are ACTUALLY moving, b.) not kill each other with shells when you jump on a koopa.

Favorite parts included:

  • playing as a toad, but moving the wrong toad….I was yellow toad, and blue toad was doing what my hands were telling it to do…..BUT – yellow toad was on a different part of the screen….jumping right to his death.
  • coin battles…simply run faster than everyone else….maybe you can push them off the screen to their death and claim all the coins for you.  OR  pick up other players and simply throw them to their death.  Watch out though – neither of these strategies actually result in a win (ok, so the first one did), but while you are fighting with your spouse to try to kill each other, Chris is racing around as Luigi getting ALL the coins.
  • once or twice….all four players ended up in a bubble.  I understand when two of us do it  the game is STRESSFUL!  But all four of us?  You would think the odds would be in our favor.

There are many more things to talk about it – but this is a micro review – so go see for yourself.  And see our original review here.

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  • kamila harris said,

    hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha oh man this was good.

  • Charris said,

    I always thought Luigi was shady like that.

  • joe brad said,

    Great. Now I have to go buy this too.

  • angelique said,

    Kamila – next time, I think I need to be blue so I stop committing suicide.

    Charris – He is TOTALLY shady – I agree. He had a tendency to throw shells at toads. Just sayin….

    Joe – What – the two player review didn’t sell you on it?


    So many more “Favorites” but I was trying to keep it micro…..

  • jd korejko said,

    “trying not kill each other with shells when you jump on a koopa.” ????

    yeah i’m the guy purposely grabbing koopa’s and chasing people through the board trying to kill them!

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