The Dark Knight Rises prologue revisited

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Last week we spent some time talking about The Dark Knight Rises prologue and since then we’ve seen a “leaked” copy of the script for that scene as well as the official release of a new trailer for the movie (currently running before Mission Impossible 4 on IMAX screens as well). I think it’s safe to say we would’ve been a lot better off having seen the trailer before the prologue as well as getting our hands on a copy of the script that was “leaked” last week as well.

Another spoiler filled discussion of the prologue and The Dark Knight Rises in general follows…

PTB: In our review of the prologue, we were fairly critical of and a little disappointed with both the sound and the screen we saw it on. However, when I found myself talking about what was happening in the scene with the plane hijack I was raving about it. It looked incredible.

KevinMLD: I definitely was critical of both the ability to understand Bane’s voice and the Franklin Institute screen, but I don’t think I was particularly critical of the action Nolan put on screen. The exterior shots in particular were pretty crazy.

PTB: I had no doubt that the things Bane was saying to his followers and Dr. Pavel would be harsh, dark and mysterious but seeing the script confirmed all that he’s going to be a fitting nemesis for Batman. Not being able to understand what he said was a problem, but one that can be solved.

KevinMLD: But will it? Nolan likes things a certain way and I’ve seen a report indicating we may not be able to understand Bane very well in the final film either. He may decide not to fix it. The biggest issue with this for me is that the characters in the film can understand Bane, so we should be able to as well.


PTB: The trailer did exactly what I wanted it to regarding Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. I understand she couldn’t be included in the prologue, but her part in the new trailer is intriguing and gives a far better idea what to expect from her character.

KevinMLD: I’m glad you feel reassured about her role.

PTB: My favorite part of the new trailer is the scene at the football stadium. I understand the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing the Gotham Knights football team and that’s just cool, even if they were horrendous this week on Monday Night Football.

KevinMLD: Even though Hines Ward is in the clip, I don’t believe they’re actually the Steelers in the film and sadly the “Knights” may not be as well.

PTB: The “Operation Earlybird” game that went along with finding the tickets for the prologue and the leaked CIA documents are a really cool part of the viral marketing for this movie. That was a part of marketing for The Dark Knight as well. Those weren’t so easy to find but I know that’s part of what makes them cool.

KevinMLD: They were released to a few websites. They were all over the place last Monday. The issue for me wasn’t the difficulty finding out about it, but rather that this viral game was taking off while I was at work.

PTB: As with all of these comic book movies, it’s always going to come back to the source material for me. It’s been a long time since I read Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, but I have to say after watching the trailer that I feel like there’s some elements taken from that book as criminals of Gotham rise up.

KevinMLD: It’s possible I guess. Maybe Bane will be a substitute for the Mutant leader, but I don’t really see it. I think it’s a play on Bane setting free all of Batman’s enemies in Knightfall. Batman doesn’t get to face Bane until he’s already run a gauntlet through his rogues gallery and is completely exhausted.

PTB: We talked last time about Knightfall being part of the inspiration for this story, but it looks like Christopher Nolan may be taking story elements from lot of different places and those tend to make the best films.

KevinMLD: I agree that Batman Begins takes from all kinds of classic Batman stories. I think the Dark Knight on the other hand was a relatively original story. I don’t know what he’s got planned this time. Were I to guess, seeing as how this will be the last Nolan film, you’ll see a few a classic comic moments but it will mostly be a new story.

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