REVIEW: Epic Kill #1

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Raffaele Ienco’s Epic Kill #1 is one of two titles featuring mysterious females debuting from Image Comics this week, with this being the more action packed option. Ienco is not a creator I’m familiar with, and credited as the series’ creator, writer and artist this was an impressive introduction to his work. His art reminds of Clay Mann and Billy Tan and is easily the greatest strength of the issue. In contrast, Ienco’s story of the St. Thomas School for Troubled Girls’ amnesiac killing machine,”Song,” is less interesting, perhaps due to it’s initial similarities to Firefly‘s River Tam, Marvel’s X-23, and Echo from Dollhouse.

As the book promises some epic kills, the fight scenes have to come under closer scrutiny. Song’s combat hallucinations call to mind Baby Doll from Sucker Punch, with her perceptions being strictly limited to seeing her opponents as various animals. While Song is clearly well trained to combat these enemies, I always find dodging machine gun fire to be a tricky thing. I’ll accept it when super powers are involved or if we’re in the Martix, but I have a hard time buying it from the superior training of a baseline human. My biggest criticism, however, comes from the series’ tagline, “every kill is going to be epic.” The first one in the series happens off panel as Song blacks out, which worked in the context of the story, but that’s a tough sell as “epic.”

Epic Kill #1 may not be the book for me, but it stands to be another in a string of successes for Image Comics as it brings its share of mystery and high action. The story has the potential to build nicely from its Hit Girl, Interrupted beginnings, and it’s recommended for anyone who enjoys revenge stories, conspiracies, and seeing some blood spilled along with other mature themes.

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