My Latest Pull List – September 4th, 2013

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Weekly comic books are a big part of my life and below is a list of what I’ll be picking up this Wednesday along with cover artwork and previews courtesy of Comixology’s Pull List app.

Ten new books on my list again this Wednesday, but it’s likely I’ll only be bringing seven home.

  • ALL-NEW X-MEN #16 – From nowhere, a crossover! All jokes aside, I am looking forward to Battle of the Atom. It seems the story may be bringing the fate of Brian Bendis‘ time traveling original X-Men into focus. It’s been a real treat to see this version of the characters again, but their presence in the present and the impact on Marvel history needs to be addressed at some point.
  • BATMAN #23.1 (JOKER) – I’m not at all sold on DC’s Villains Month running throughout September or their Forever Evil event that kicks off this week. I probably would have picked up the villain themed issues of the titles I normally follow if there were only one for the month. Seeing that there’s a Justice League and a Batman issue every week in September means I’ll be cutting down to one title (maybe not even that) and it’s Batman.
  • FOREVER EVIL #1 – The publishing schedule for Villains Month may not only drive me away from Justice League, but from Forever Evil as well. David Finch’s art is the only thing that might change that after a look at the issue on Wednesday.
  • INFINITY #2Jonathan Hickman‘s cosmic Avengers event is working for me so far. The tie-ins are fairly limited and I’m curious to see just how critical his Avengers and New Avengers will be to the series.
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE #23.1 (DARKSEID) – I’m listing this, but the more I write this week the more I know there’s no chance I’m getting it.
  • STAR WARS #1 LUCAS DRAFT – A comic book adaptation of George Lucas’ original draft of Star Wars? No choice here, I have to try this. I probably won’t stick around for all 8 issues but it’s absolutely worth at look at #1.
  • TRILLIUM #2 – I enjoyed issue #1 of Jeff Lemire‘s tale of time-crossed lovers, but I think I may revisit this series once it’s collected.
  • X-FACTOR #262 – The end is here. I’m assuming the issue will feature an announcement of what’s next for either the characters or Peter David. Regardless, I’m happy to see a human version of Madrox on the cover.
  • X-MEN: BATTLE OF THE ATOM #1 – A crossover for the X-Men’s 50th anniversary, and I love that it’s a true crossover running weekly through All-New X-Men, X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and Wolverine and the X-Men rather than an “event” mini-series with tie-ins. It has a lot to live up to for me as a big fan of both Messiah Complex and Second Coming that most recently used this format.
  • X-MEN: LEGACY #16 – Legion vs Cyclops. This should be interesting.

Check back every week to see what’s on My Latest Pull List and please share your thoughts on these titles and everything you’re reading this week in the comments.

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