What about us, Nebraska?

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After looking at our visitor logs over the last year, I feel I have to do something about a group of states that never visit. You know who you are…well, you really don’t know who you are, do you…

Nebraska, when we flew over you last week the pilot said there would be turbulence. At least your air space is mildly exciting. We descended to avoid it, so I may have been closer to you than ever before.

While I’ve never been on the ground in Nebraska, driving through was once described to me as a being on a ribbon of concrete with nothing on either side, and a dip around Omaha.

I know Nebraska has big college sports teams, but I know little to nothing about college sports. There are just so many conferences with seemingly no organization, featuring teams I could never possibly be interested in…like Nebraska. It also doesn’t help that you’re triple land-locked, and have a Republican River (in the interest of equal time, I wouldn’t visit Jackass Flats, AZ either).

And really, Worms, Nebraska? How exactly does a town get such a name?

I do love Abe Lincoln though, so I’ll give you respect for that. Illinois gets more though because a state motto trumps a capital any day.  So Nebraskans, put off your Arbor Day planning, drink the Kool-Aid, and pay us a visit.

Image courtesy of Greenwich Mean Time.com.
Worms image by Aggtastic.

Other states that never stop by: Utah, Maine

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  • Aggie said,

    Nice Kool-Aid connection. Since Kool-Aid was invented in Nebraska and the Kool-Aid Museum is in Hastings, NE.

    Worms was named by German settlers and I think it means something other than… well, worms. I don’t speak German though.

    On the subject of state mottos, Nebraska’s “The Good Life,” is rather excellent, I think. And, believe it or not, there are cool things to see while driving through Nebraska if you have the time. I once drove through the upper left corner and I saw a ghost town. Also, I think it’s interesting to have to plan potty breaks since there may be no towns for hundreds of miles.

    It may not be as exciting as some places, but if you’ve got an open mind, one can have a good time in Nebraska.

  • Kelly said,

    I’ve never been to Nebraska but my uncle has albums of pictures from his cross-country drives, and it seems like there are plenty of things to see there. The Platte river, trains, farms, grain silos, more trains, more grain silos, abandoned gas stations, more grain silos. Okay it doesn’t sound that interesting after all, but he got some interesting pictures.

    And speaking of Lincoln, the Lincoln Highway, the first interstate highway system in the US, runs through Nebraska. If you ever want to drive it yourself, you don’t have to go so far- it’s Route 30, Lancaster Ave.

  • Colleen said,

    The most interesting thing that ever happened to me in Nebraska was the dysentery I contracted while playing Oregon Trail.

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