What about us, Utah?

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After looking at our visitor logs over the last year, I feel I have to do something about a group of states that never visit. You know who you are…well, you really don’t know who you are, do you…

Disclaimer: Before I begin, you should know that we did have a visitor from Utah just last week. However, I had already begun my “research” and wasn’t going to allow this lone visitor to take an installment away from me. Instead they were moved to the top of the list despite being eighth alphabetically.  Also, Angie explained to me that Utah spelled backward is “sneeze” while falling asleep last night.

I’ve never visited the state of Utah, because I’ve never really had a reason to. I have every intention of visiting all 50 states before I’m done, but to date Utah has not been prioritized. Maybe this is why Utahns don’t visit MLD. Are they not visiting us because Jerry Sloan’s Jazz are neither bad nor good enough this season to be worthy of note? Sure they smashed the Sixers already this season, but so have 20 other teams.

Outside of the NBA, the only time Utah even comes to mind is when I’m listening to the The Dwarves or Angie’s watching Big Love. I suppose Point Break might bring it to mind, and I recall Utah Saints being popular in the raver community circa 1992, but how often does any of that come up?

Utah, I know you have towns with great names like Dirty Devil River and Cactus Rat Mine, but outside of Salt Lake City there’s just a whole lot of peoplelessness.  So I beckon you, people of the mountain, don’t let that low population density keep us apart. Put down your snowboarding video games and waste your time on us.  We can even talk about Roseanne Barr and James Woods if you like.

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Other states that never stop by: Nebraska, Maine

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