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While the vast majority of Facebook users are up in arms about the new layout, I’m finding it to be a pleasant upgrade.  All of the portions of the site that I use are now in the same general area.  Previously, I would have to venture all over the place to get where I needed to go.  I like the fact that notifications for posts, friend requests and messages have been separated into 3 small icons in the top-left corner.  There’s easier access to your groups and applications now that they’ve been posted on the main page.  I’m also finding portions of the site that I never used before because they’ve been uncovered by the new layout.  Twitter integration is still horribly slow, but can you really blame them for making it difficult for you to use a competitor’s product?  Overall, it’s a faster, cleaner interface.

All that I’ve been seeing are complaints for the last 2 weeks about the site, but no one can seem to elaborate on what their issue is with the new Facebook.  From where I sit, the only explanation that makes sense is that it is different from the last version.  Having a strong background in technology and working in the field that I do, you are forced to embrace change.  If you can’t find the benefits of an upgrade and learn to adapt to new technology, you become as obsolete as the last version of the product you were working with.

The masses seem to fear change when it comes to technology.  If something is in a different place or a certain function is not exactly as it was the day before, it automatically “sucks”.  Change means having to learn something new and most people refuse to take the time to do so, even if the end result will benefit them.  I originally thought that the fear of technology itself was partly to blame for the fear of change in technology.  However, disgust in new versions of things seems to span generational gaps.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to upgrading my user base to Windows 7 and Office 2007.  My phone will be ringing off the hook!!

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  • Angelique said,

    Like all the other Facebook changes, it is the initial change that bothered me. It was signing in an hour later and not knowing where anything was. Maybe it is just because i liked the little pop-up notifications in the bottom right. As always – I got used to it.

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