Marvel’s Siege One-Shots

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I’m reading Siege and enjoying it. I like the art, I like the story, and I especially like the pace. At four issues, things are moving along nicely. With the Heroic Age set to begin in May, I was a little surprised that Siege #4 was not on the schedule for April (it’s been pushed back to May 12). Instead, Marvel is giving us a series of 5 Siege one-shots focusing on Captain America, Spider-Man, Loki, the Young Avengers and Secret Warriors. The first of these shipped last week and I really wanted to give them a chance, but I’m sorry Marvel, I’m not buying into this. I didn’t read any of these books but it’s pretty clear that at least the Captain America and Spider-Man issues are extended fight scenes and essentially filler. The Loki issue might be great since he’s the mastermind behind what’s happening in Siege and this should give some insight. I didn’t buy it on principle alone. This is not Marvel’s fault, but I know myself. If I buy one of these, I’m going to want them all. They even have interlocking covers. No, I’m out for this.

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  • Kevinmld said,

    The Cap issue was completely filler. It follows some stupid family who run out to take photos of the battle to make money. Of course the Caps need to save them when they inevitably get themselves into trouble.

    The one thing that became clear in this issue is that Steve Rogers has a way better costume than Bucky.

  • ptb said,

    I looked at the previews for these books and they’ve done nothing to change my opinion.

    Was the costume issue part of the story or just an aesthetic thing?

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