X-Men: Messiah War

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Messiah War PrologueLong before we had this outlet to discuss the distractions in our lives, I spent four months consumed with a Marvel Comics crossover event called Messiah Complex (also check out this).  Drawing together four different titles and running weekly, I couldn’t wait for each installment to arrive.  I even started going to the nearest campus comic shop I could find on lunch breaks to get each week’s issue.

In April, Marvel launched the sequel to this event called Messiah War running through X-Force and Cable (which began (actually were relaunched) in the aftermath of Messiah Complex).  While smaller in scope and published less often, Messiah War has been satisfying so far (we’re currently at part five of seven) and I can’t wait to see where it’s all heading.

While continuing the story of the mutant child/possibly savior/possibly destroyer Hope, Messiah War has also managed to incorporate classic X-Men characters and concepts including: Archangel, Apocalypse, Stryfe, Deadpool, The Vanisher and of course time-travel.  Well worth checking out the issues currently in print (or reading once it’s collected) if you’ve ever enjoyed epic X-Men action.

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